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Random thoughts from Week 13 in the NFL

Did the loss to the Jets this week seal Giants coach Tom Coughlin’s fate?  Coughlin’s run with the team has been a rollercoaster.  In 2007, Coughlin was rumored to be on the way out, having lost the lockerroom and with his team seemingly out of contention.  Then Eli Manning got hot and the Giants went on to an unlikely Super Bowl win over the then undefeated New England Patriots.

The Giants were unable to sustain or duplicate that success, however, fizzing in the playoffs the following year and then falling out of contention altogether.  Another unlikely Super Bowl win (again over New England) probably extended Coughlin’s shelf life in 2012.

This year, the Giants’ offensive talent is considerable.  In fact, the team ought to be the NFC’s answer to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Instead, the Giants are snakebit, and have blown game after game.  Only the ineptitude of the NFC East as a whole has the Giants still in the running.  Will it take another unlikely Super Bowl win to save Coughlin’s job?  If that doesn’t happen, I’ll bet there will be any number of NFL teams eager to get their hands on Tom Coughlin, a proven NFL winner, even if he hasn’t produced consistent results.


This Week’s Sucked And Won

Ryan Tannehill, QB (MIA):  I knew Tannehill was bad this season but his stats from Sunday are just mind numbing.  9 for 19 for 86 yards and a passer rating of 78.0 on a day when he was playing a defense that’s beyond banged up and his running game was in 100% effective mode.  Tannehill might be done in Miami, because it’s clear there’s no trust in his ability any longer.


This week’s catch of the day goes to Patriots QB Tom Brady, who looked quite good on a trick play where Brady feigned confusion at the line and then ran a short pass pattern and accumulated a tidy number of yards after catch to complete a 36 yard play against the Eagles on Sunday.


Shocking Realization of the Week

Bengals QB Andy Dalton became just the second player in NFL history (after Peyton Manning) to throw for 3000+ yards in his first five seasons in the NFL.


If you watched the Bengals and Browns this week, you couldn’t have missed the play of Bengals DL Geno Atkins.  He dominated the game on defense, putting endless pressure on Browns QB Austin Davis.  This is why you have to watch the games, however.  Atkins final stat line is a row of gooseeggs.  Even though Atkins spent all game pressuring the QB, he didn’t register a sack or a tackle in the contest.


This Week’s Great But Lost

Allen Robinson, WR (JAX):  While Jaguars QB Blake Bortles was also great in defeat, throwing for 5 TDs, Robinson’s day was special, as he caught 10 passes for 153 yards and 3 touchdowns, and became the first Jacksonville receiver since Jimmy Smith 10 years ago to eclipse 1000 yards for the season.


The word out of Cleveland on Monday was the Johnny Manziel would once again start at quarterback for the Browns, “per reports.”  That’s right.  Coach Mike Pettine is so anti Manziel he refused to announce (or wasn’t privy to) the decision to name Manziel the starter.  Whatever Pettine’s feelings on the matter, with Josh McCown out, he’s being a dolt if he doesn’t start Manziel.  He has no one else on his roster who belongs on the field as an NFL quarterback.


Thursday Pick:  Minnesota (+8) @Arizona (MGM Mirage)

Think the Vikings are getting dissed here?  They’re an 8-4 team but they’re getting more than a touchdown in this game.  That line ought to be telling you the Vikings are in some trouble.  They’ve had multiple chances to take the next step, but they barely showed up against the Packers and Seahawks, and the Cardinals are better than those teams.  Add in several key injuries on defense and I like the Cardinals in this game a whole lot.  Enough, in fact, to make this one of my Best Picks of the week.

Arizona Cardinals 28 Minnesota Vikings 17


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The best NFL quotes from Week 7

Be careful who you scapegoat.

I was scratching my head when Dallas benched backup QB Brandon Weeden in favor of recently signed Matt Cassel.  True, Weeden hadn’t won any games in relief of Tony Romo (unless you count finishing off the Eagles in the fourth quarter), but the losses hardly seemed to be Weeden’s fault.  In fact, he had played much better than I (or a lot of people, I suspect) would have guessed.

Enter Cassel, who put up worse numbers in a winnable matchup with the Giants than Weeden had put up in any previous start with the possible exception of the blowout loss to New England which, let’s face it, wasn’t going to be a win no matter who was under center.

Need more convincing?  Cassel threw more picks against the Giants (3) than Weeden has thrown all season.  This was the wrong solution to the Cowboys’ problem.

This Week’s Sucked And Won

New England Patriots WR Brandon LaFell:  Just call this guy “Hands of Stone” because LaFell was targeted eight times but caught only two passes Sunday against the New York Jets.  Additionally, despite only being “credited” with three drops, LaFell clearly should have caught at least seven of the eight balls thrown his way.

If you think the key to the Seahawks’ potential resurgence is the kind of tough defense that has characterized the team during their peak, then maybe Michael Bennett’s performance this week is a good start.  Bennett notched 3.5 sacks against the 49ers, leading Seattle’s defense to a suffocating performance that saw San Francisco held to just three points.

Shocking realization of the week

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill now owns the NFL record for consecutive completions at 25 (seven to end last week, 18 to start in their most recent game against Houston).

The jury of course is still out, but so far it looks as though both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are working out just fine as NFL quarterbacks.  Both have put up respectable numbers thus far.  The one problem, common to rookies of course, is turnovers.  Mariota has coughed it up 10 times in five games while Winston has turned it over nine times in six games.

Mariota is the more fumble-prone quarterback while Winston has thrown more picks.  Not to fear, as I’m sure you’ve heard many times, both Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning handed out interceptions like party favors as rookies yet both went on to have Hall of Fame careers.

This Week’s Great But Lost

Philadelphia Eagles CB Nolan Carroll II:  When did you think you’d ever see an Eagles defensive back getting props, but Carroll came to play Sunday night, leading his team in tackles and intercepting Cam Newton.

This week’s Catch of the Day came courtesy of the Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper, who took a five-yard out route to the house, hurdling a downed blocker and would be tackler and then capping off the 52 yard touchdown with an ankle breaking cutback.  Just one of many future highlights for this electrifying rookie wideout.

Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders

Back In Silver & Black: Cooper embodies the old Raiders’ swagger

Thursday Pick:  Miami (+7.5) @New England (Westgate Superbook)

I know the Dolphins are hot right now and that I’ve been surfing the over-reach on Patriots’ lines for the last couple of games, but the last time Miami went to New England and was within single digits was 2011.  The last time the Dolphins won a game in New England was 2008.  That’s some pretty heavy trends to ignore.  Add in the trend that the better team in the Thursday night game tends to win more convincingly than usual and I am siding with New England on this one.

New England Patriots 28, Miami Dolphins 19


N-F-Yell: The Best nfl quotes for week 7

“Something ain’t right in San Francisco.”
-Former 49ers WR Kassim Osgood, offering the preceding tweet after San Francisco’s 20-3 loss to Seattle on Thursday.

“It was great to have all those fans out there supporting us.”
-Raiders coach Jack Del Rio, on the hordes of silver and black Oakland supporters in the stands in San Diego on Sunday.

“The offense won the game today.”
-Tampa Bay DT Gerald McCoy.  Tampa’s offense scored 30 points in the team’s 31-30 loss to Washington.

“It’s nerve wracking as a receiver because your quarterback is on the ground so much.  You keep getting hit like that, one of these times he’s not going to get up.”
-Lions WR Golden Tate, on Matt Stafford taking seven sacks against the Vikings.

“I hope people haven’t given up on me.”
-Browns backup QB Johnny Manziel, who finds himself once again in the crosshairs of the NFL disciplinary machine.

“I had to be him on the scout team and it works.  You wouldn’t think it works, but it works amazing.”
-Chiefs RB Charcandrick West, on copying the Steelers’ LeVeon Bell’s ultra-patient running style.

“It’s really bad football.”
-Colts QB Andrew Luck, on the variety of mistakes he and the Colts made in losing to the Saints.

“My ass should be walking back to New York.”
-Jets WR Brandon Marshall, who dropped a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the Jets loss to the Patriots.

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To Bench Or Not Bench? That Is The Question In The NFL Today

Surveying the landscape of the NFL in week 5, one thing struck me.  The Buffalo Bills won this week, but so what?  The Bills won 17-14.  Last week they lost 23-17.  Take a guess how many field goals the Detroit Lions missed this week to help the Bills get that win.

If you guessed “3,” you’re right and you paid attention in third grade math class.  So why doesn’t a Buffalo victory to get them to 3-2 mean that much?


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