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Helmets and Heels: Jaguars break our hearts and defending Rick Pitino

Another week, another loss. The ladies talk about what can be done about the Jaguars continuous downward spiral along with our weekly studs/duds where the debate got heated around Louisville’s “sex scandal”.

Also on the show we chat with the lovely ladies who founded The Daily Rally, a daily sports news roundup you didn’t know you needed until now.

Ed note: While we didn’t get to dive deep into the Rick Pitino story as much as we could, I wanted to clarify my on-air comments on the evolving story as we’ve learned more in the last few days. As liberal as I am on the concept of prostitution and escort services, in no way do I condone a university using this as an official recruiting tool. Do I think college kids have sex and go to strip clubs? God, yes. Do I think Rick Pitino knew the details of this situation while it was going on? Nope. Why? A man of his stature wouldn’t risk a sex scandal to gain recruits because he doesn’t need to.

With that said, if the University of Louisville (or any college) actually *pays* for escort services, then that’s a big no-no. But in this situation, no one was physically harmed and it appears this is only being brought to light because the former escort, who employed her two daughters to take part in this situation, hasn’t been “involved with recruiting” for two years and has some books to sell.

As I said on Twitter, I’m not particularly mad about this situation. So if you’re looking for me to crucify consenting adults who exchange funds for services without any physical harm being done, you won’t find that here. Looking forward to diving more into this topic on next week’s Helmets and Heels!


Intro- Recapping Jaguars Meet Me at the 50 with Suzy Kolber
13:05- Chatting with the ladies of The Daily Rally
43:36- What the hell is wrong with the Jaguars?
59:48- Dating in sports and where do you draw the line?
01:11:53- Our studs/duds from the past week where Rick Pitino debate gets a little heated.

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