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NFL Women’s Fan Clubs: Where do we stand?

About a year and a half ago, GuysGirl analyzed the NFL’s marketing efforts towards the 45% of it’s growing fanbase, the women.

Part of that approach for a small amount of teams, has been to adopt an official women’s fan club.

Though these few teams are making an effort towards the women, much more can be done.

Let’s take a look at which teams are performing the best and which teams are half-assing it.


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Will the Cowboys finally come out on top of the NFC East?

Hey everybody I’m back!  Don’t you hate when real life interferes with your internet life?  I’m happy to have gotten everything settled down and to be able to get back to writing in time to do an NFL Preview.  So let’s start with the worst the NFL has to offer.

How bad is the NFC East?  Bad enough that the Philadelphia Eagles, who will almost certainly have a bottom five defense in 2013, could win it.  With no legit contenders here, this is easily the worst division in the NFL.



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Only 7 Teams in the NFL Have an Official Women’s Fan Club

The Jaguars made news the other day as becoming the 7th team in the NFL to add an official women’s fan club. Which begged the question from many readers as to what other teams around the league have fan clubs as well.

In the State of the NFL Female Fan research compiled in January, we found some pretty interesting info on the NFL’s outreach, or lack there of, to a fan base that represents 45% of the league.

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The First Round of the NFL Playoffs Are Here

The regular season is over and the playoffs are here.  For the second year in a row, I managed a winning (if unspectacular) record on picks, and unlike the New York Giants, I still make the playoffs.  The wildcard round is frequently the most intriguing slate of games you will see, and while there are some great potential matchups on the horizon, this year is no different.  There are four games on the slate and no absolutely no clear consensus on who is likely to move on.

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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Romo Chokes Again. This and Other NFL Random Thoughts

Poor Tony Romo.  He has been labeled a choke artist for a long time now and probably nothing short of a Super Bowl will lose that moniker for him.  I’d looked at his numbers in the past and concluded that Romo wasn’t really that much more choke-y than a lot of players, but Sunday’s debacle against the Redskins, in which Romo threw three picks including the one that put the nail in the Cowboys’ coffin will only make the label stick harder in the future.

Sorry, Tony, but this time you deserve it.  In the biggest game of the season, Romo came up unbelievably small.

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