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NFL fans use MS Paint to draw their team’s current situation heading into the season

The offseason is usually a beautiful time for NFL fans as it’s the most hope you’ll likely have headed into the new season. But when Reddit fans were asked to draw their team’s current situation, the results were a hilarious bunch of depression, realism and a great opportunity to laugh at each others misfortunes. Except for Colts and Vikings fans, who seem to be pretty happy with their current situation. So here you have it — NFL fans using MS Paint to draw their team’s current situation heading into the season. BUFFALO Bills From MeatGG. Also applies to many...

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Roger Goodell Participates In Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”. Answers Questions About Bounty Gate, A Raise for Rich Eisen and Socks.

Reddit is one of those communities that when you post something, you’re not sure if the community is going to eat you alive or praise you for an eternity. So when the NFL Commish Roger Goodell decided to participate in chat called “Ask Me Anything” (AMA), it was eyebrow raising because you assumed the internet trolls would be in full force. Questions like “if  given the chance, would you redo the Bounty Gate punishments” and “how do you justify Tom Brady’s ninja kick $10k fine when Frank Gore was fined $500 more for low socks” were asked among a...

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