MLB Female Fan Series: Erica Bennett for the Texas Rangers

Welcome to another addition to our where we feature all the die hard female fans that support their team through 162 games, hot weather, heated rivalries and good old fashioned baseball traditions.

During the series we will feature women for every franchise and their stories on how they became a baseball fan, who their hated rivals are, what their favorite food at the ballpark etc etc… Ladies simply answer a few questions on why they fell in love with the great game of baseball and we get to share in someone else’s baseball traditions that could be the same as our own.

Today, we have a Texas Rangers fan in Erica Bennett. Erica is an avid sports fan  but started out getting her love for baseball while watching her brothers play Little League. She has a passion for every aspect of the game from the rivalry with the Yankees and Angels to the smells of peanuts and hot dogs at the park.

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