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Life Hacks: How to chill that hot beer super fast

Nothing is worse than buying a twelve pack of beer only to realize you grabbed the one that isn’t cold enough to drink. Even worse is when you’re headed to a tailgate (or party) and need to get that beer cold fast, so let’s not waste anymore time. Here are seven ways to get those brews from room temperature to icy cold. 1. Get a SpinChill For $30, you can pick up this battery operated contraption that spins a room temperature beer down to 38 degrees in one minute without shaking the can (or bottle) up. 2. Get a Drill Attachment...

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Watch These Grandmas Get High For The First Time

In the states where it’s now legal to smoke marijuana, there are going to be plenty of people introducing themselves to world of gettin’ high for the first time. And in the state of Washington where it’s now legal, three grandmas who had never smoked marijuana decided to give it a shot. Their reactions were filmed. They played Cards Against Humanity and came up with some great one-liners. Enjoy. You win,...

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This is what happens when women watch football like men [NSFW]

If we could ignore the title, this video that shows what happens when women watch football like men is pure gold. Directed by Fabio Frey and written by comedian Daniel Weingarten, the video features two female football fans watching a game together while their significant others hang out in the kitchen. It’s a hilarious role reversal that’s been done before but this version has a woman wearing a Jaguars jersey and cursing loudly—which is exactly what you’ll find this Sunday when the Jaguars face off against the Patriots. My only gripe however, is the way the men say Jaguars (which may...

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Why Your Panties Have Cute Little Bows Sewn On

In Nicki Minaj’s song Get On Your Knees, she uses the line “Got a bow on my panties ’cause my ass is a present.” While this has been a tradition women have become accustomed to, it got me to thinking as to why panties have bows on them in the first place? It was assumed by many that having a bow on the front of your panties was used to help women get dressed in the dark back in the days of no electricity and needing to get up early to manage the household. But the same question was...

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