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Disney Actress sings “A Whole New World” with Drunk Bar Patrons

Lea Salonga, who sang for both Jasmine and Mulan from the iconic Disney movies was in a piano bar recently when “A Whole New World” started playing. And she couldn’t resist singing along. Watch as the NYC bar, filled with drunk patrons, realized who was in the room with them and politely started to “shhhh” anyone else around trying to sing Jasmine’s part. Salonga knocked it out of the park and even started laughing during the song with the patrons started singing Aladdin’s portion of the song with her.  Also, check out he man behind the piano. That’s Darren...

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Taylor Swift Poses as Rapunzel for Disney Parks

A while back, we showed off a bunch of fantastic pictures taken by the gifted Annie Leibovitz of actors posing as classic Disney characters. Well, Disney can add another start to their resume because they just released a picture of super star Taylor Swift posing as the newer Disney Princess, Rapunzel from Tangled. In a shoot like this, Leibovitz takes great care in preparing the shot and has always captured the essence of Disney in it’s purest form. You can catch some of that behind the scenes...

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