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How to dress ‘Better than Most’ for THE PLAYERS

After years of attending golf’s 5th Major as a fan, I’ve been a credentialed member of the media for four years now. Therefore, I know a thing or two about what to wear for golf’s 5th Major. Read on to discover these handy tips as you embark on a week full of 90 degrees and little access to air conditioning… With THE PLAYERS occurring in early May in the outdoors of Northeast Florida, challenges exist when trying to decide what to wear. But if you follow these handy tips, you can spend more time comfortably researching how to attack...

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Gary Player rips conditions at U.S. Open, offers Tiger Woods life advice

Gary Player is a nine-time Major Championship winner, battled against golf’s great in Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, and was even a former participant in ESPN’s Body Issue. Clearly, the man knows a thing or two about playing good golf. So when Player started speaking out this weekend about course conditions at the US Open and Tiger Woods, the fans stopped to hear what the man said. And boy, did he set the interviews on fire. Player first appeared on the The Golf Channel where he called the conditions at the US Open “a tragedy.” But it was his appearance...

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Rickie Fowler Isn’t Overrated Anymore

Back in 2013, I served as EIC for a North Florida publication, Void Magazine. In our annual Golf Issue, I had the pleasure of pinpointing golfers I thought could make a splash at THE PLAYERS Championship. I was a little early in my prediction as Rickie Fowler was my favorite to win it. But two years later, Fowler secured the victory at golf’s 5th Major in one of the most captivating back nine comebacks the PGA has ever seen. Check our interview with Fowler before he became all big time after the jump. Fowler shot 7-under during the final holes,...

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Pete Dye’s Diabolical Course Design is Featured in PGA Video Series

In a video series by the PGA, the network features great men who have helped shaped the game of golf into the powerhouse sport that it is today. And they couldn’t really do this series without talking about legendary course designer, Pete Dye. Dye has designed hundreds of golf courses all around the world including TPC Sawgrass has said he has never drawn a course plan in his life. Instead of following a rigid plan, Dye uses his senses while out on a construction site to build what his mind imagines. From a similar video series,  former PGA Commissioner...

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Forget alligators, this golf course in Australia has sharks

Growing up in Florida and working for several clubs, I’ve seen my fair share of mother nature meets golf. I’ve seen a pack of wild dogs and cats steal a golf ball right off the green. I’ve seen a hawk capture a fish only to be then hunted by nasty crows to have the hawk give up on a 15lb pound catfish. I’ve had a squirrel pee on my golf cart seat in anger because I took my snacks (which were for sale) away from him. And if you drive by an alligator on the course, it must a day...

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