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Saying Goodbye to Old Friends from Parks and Rec, Glee and Parenthood

Three long-running shows are on their final run this season, and each of them have, in many ways, exceeded expectations. How are they doing during their wind-down period? Parks & Recreation It’s easy to forget that at its inception, Parks & Rec was the kid sister of NBC’s heavyweight comedy hits 30 Rock and The Office.  Both of those shows sputtered a bit at the end.  By contrast, Parks & Rec has evolved into (along with The Big Bang Theory) one of the longest running sitcoms on the air and one of the finest ensemble casts on television. For...

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TV winter finales to watch before hibernation

The Winter Finales are here!  AKA your favorite shows are all going into hibernation until next month and you’ll get nothing but sappy Christmas specials and reruns in the interim. Hey, don’t feel bad.  Back in the day there were no “finales” when shows went on hiatus, it was just the next episode in the run and then screw you until January. At least now, shows put in an effort to build intrigue before they take a break.  So let’s recap the first wave. . Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Big Plot Twist:  Evil organization Centipede isn’t really after Mike...

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