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Baylor and Ole Miss highlight College Football’s culture problem

Most of us have heard of the ongoing investigation into the sexual assault charges at Baylor University. On Helmets and Heels, we’ve held off discussing the situation because there are still a lot of moving parts and the vagueness of Baylor’s “findings” in their questionable reports.

Until last night’s show, when we dove head first into the topic and the surrounding culture of college football. While the extremity of the Baylor case may be isolated, other schools like Penn State and Ole Miss have had institutional problems leaving us to ask, “Is this something we should learn to expect?” Hear this topic of conversation around the 54 minute mark.

Along with Baylor, we discuss if Steph Curry willed the Warriors to a Western Conference Finals win or if Kevin Durant’s Thunder choked it away. Plus, we debate what’s next for KD and if this is the series LeBron will give Cleveland fans what they so desperately crave – a championship ring.

This and more on the latest episode of Helmets and Heels!


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Where does the phrase ‘Hotty Toddy’ come from?

If you step into the 10 acres known as The Grove on the Ole Miss campus during a Saturday in the fall, you’re likely to hear the following shouted numerous times:

Are you ready?

Hell yes! Damn Right!
Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
Who in the hell are we – Hey
Flim Flam, Bim Bam
Ole Miss By Damn!

But how did the phrase get started and why the term “Hotty Toddy”?

Short answer? No one has any idea.

Gerald Walton, a graduate of Ole Miss in 1956, did a historical study of his own for Hotty Toddy website. While he found similarities to the song from Virginia Tech’s Highty Tighty band, and even World War I battle cries, nothing officially dates as far back as when the chant was used in the Ole Miss student newspaper The Mississippian in 1926.

However, back then, they used “Heighty Tighty” and not the commonly known Hotty Toddy. It would take nine years before that term would replace the former “Heighty Tighty.”

For Ole Miss fans, using the phrase Hotty Toddy is more than cheer or simply saying “Go Rebels.” It’s a camaraderie among the fan base that represents everything that’s great about attending school in Oxford, Mississippi.

And while we may never know where it originated, Hotty Toddy has forever been ingrained in college football lure and tradition.

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Bourbon and Football: Warm Up With These Hotty Toddy Drink Recipes

Whether it’s during football season or the cold winter months, you can find plenty of excuses to make a Hotty Toddy that can warm you up while you’re busy watching football.

No one may know where the term Hotty Toddy came from, but the term and drink has certainly has become a huge part of the culture for those who attend Ole Miss.

A generations-old cold remedy, the Hotty Toddy usually consisted of a cup of black tea with a teaspoon of honey, squeeze of a lemon and a splash of bourbon – all to be taken right before bed.

But now, thanks to the internet, dozens of variations now exist for the southern staple.

With so many choices which ones are actually worth your money? Glad you asked. We have the answers with these six different ways to make a Hotty Toddy drink.


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