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What happened to the prizes in cereal boxes?

Remember that feeling when your parents went grocery shopping and got your favorite cereal with that awesome prize inside of it?

Usually your mom would tell you “don’t you dare dump out all that cereal just to get to the prize!”

But if you were smart, you knew there was a certain art to turning the box all around just so you could reach your hand in and grab the prize before the sneaky brother/sister came running along.

But for newer generations, they never really had the joy of picking out your “favorite” cereal based solely on the prize that was offered.


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90’s Kid? Time to Reminisce on Trolls, Pogs and Light Up Shoes

90's Kid? Time to Reminisce on Trolls, Pogs and Light Up Shoes

If you grew up in the 90’s, you’re going to absolutely love this new commercial from Internet Explorer  that has everything from pogs and light up tennis shoes, to trolls that were actually your friend.

I know, I know. You hear “Internet Explorer” and you think  of terrible, awful things. But this commercial certainly is not and takes on the theme of “You grew up. So did we”.

Take a little stroll down memory lane…


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