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Everyone was wrong about the NFC South

Anyone can be wrong… about a team, about a player, about a coach. You’ll find plenty of people who had the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts meeting in the Super Bowl. (Hell, I had the Baltimore Ravens winning the AFC.) How are those picks looking right now? Every year, NFL general managers risk their jobs on whether a certain player will be better than another one in the NFL Draft. The entire NFL draft analysis industry annually has players ranked from 1 through 1,000 and then gleefully calls the first-round picks who don’t pan out “busts” despite the fact...

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Planning a Super Bowl Party: Mardi Gras Theme

The Superbowl is in less than two weeks and most of us are probably trying to figure out what to do for the big game but have no idea where to start. While we’ve written about Superbowl parties in the past, we know that if there’s anything better than a party, it’s a themed party.  So since the Superbowl is located in New Orleans and Mardi Gras season is coming up, what better way to party than New Orleans style! Hit the jump to see all kinds of ideas on invitations, drinks, food and decorations to make your party...

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