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Who ya got? Cam vs. Carson and Brady vs. Manning in epic showdowns

We made it. After a full season of predictions and picks, let’s talk about the AFC-NFC Championship preview and betting lines which helps to decide who gets the honor of going to the Super Bowl. This week fans will be treated to a final Manning-Brady showdown in the AFC.  More than that, I truly believe for the first time in quite a while, the final four in the NFL are in fact the four best teams in the NFL.  The only argument against is the absence of the Cincinnati Bengals and injuries dropped them from contention more than anything else....

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Should the NFL hire full-time clock managers?

Is it time for the Kansas City Chiefs (and a good number of other NFL teams, trust me) to hire an assistant coach whose lone duty is clock management? Andy Reid has been an NFL coach for longer than some of you reading this have been alive, and he can’t manage the clock to save his life to this day.  And he’s not alone. Despite this, Reid continues to bungle end of game strategy, in this instance costing the Chiefs a chance at tying their Divisional Round game against the Patriots, back in 2004, costing the Eagles a similar...

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The best quotes heard after the NFL Playoff action

We know the NFL is full of characters and one-liners. So each week, we’re going to scout the post-game press conferences to find the best reactions for your reading pleasure. Check out the best NFL Playoff quotes below…   “Whatever you guys did today, do it again times 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.   They say to get something that you never got, you have to do something you’ve never done. For us, we’ve never had that vibe in the streets of Charlotte, and I expect nothing less than what we saw today.” – Panthers QB Cam Newton, exhorting...

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The ‘Year of the Defense’ shows in NFL Divisional Playoff matchups

If we’ve come to any kind of conclusion after a weekend of Wildcard matchups, it’s that this year’s NFL Playoffs are screaming “Year of the Defense.” I had a pretty good week overall, going 6-2 (2-2 picking games but a 4-0 sweep on over/under picks).   One thing seems clear is despite all efforts to the contrary, this is the year of defenses. Just about every top contender this season is either known for its defense or, at least, features an excellent defense to go along with whatever pyrotechnics they have available.  Of the remaining playoff contenders, only the Packers...

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How to beat every NFL playoff team

In lieu of my collection of interesting observations, let’s cover how to beat every NFL playoff team. Instead of some insipid “playoff preview” where I just rehash what I’m going to say when I pick the games (would that actually make it a “prehash?”) I thought I’d do something a little more special by running downa “weak spot” analysis of every playoff team. I’m not telling you who’s going to lose, but I am telling you how they will lose if they do.   Read it and weep losers! Denver Broncos On offense, you need to account for the Broncos’...

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