Is This The Year of the Unpredictable Final Four?

You’ve heard it by now – this is the March Madness unpredictable Final Four year. There are no Goliaths. There are only Davids. Well that’s just so much nonsense. There is no dominating #1 seed that seems unstoppable going in but in any given year everyone has a laundry list of fatal flaws attached to the presumptive #1 seeds anyway.  And don’t let anyone kid you.  Just because there’s no clear favorite at the top doesn’t make it anymore likely that Austin Peay, Dayton or Stoneybrook is going to win it all this year. So let’s take a look...

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Dark horse college football contenders for every division

The 2015 college football season has begun! Last season, we saw the four-team playoff get its start and we were gifted with the chance to see the first iteration of an actual playoff — even if it was just two games. This year, the bowl schedule has expanded to 41 overall games including the national championship. The Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl will host the semifinals, while the national championship will be held in Glendale, Arizona. But to earn a bowl bid, teams must win their division. There are favorites who are predicted to cruise through division play (Alabama and the...

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Can anyone challenge Kentucky?

Is it too early to start thinking about the NCAA Tournament?  After all, it’s called “March Madness” not “January Madness.”  Well, if you’re a big college basketball fan and you’re anxious to make a good showing (or a killing) in your office bracket pool, paying attention to the games in January and February might be the most important time to think about what’s coming up. With that in mind, here’s a handful of teams to watch out for come tournament time, and some potential ones to avoid. Now, if you want to read more news about NCAA Basketball, check...

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The Best Weekend In College Football Is Finally Here

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! We here at GuysGirl hope everyone had a wonderful time with those closest to you and enjoyed a fabulous meal while partaking in watching some phenomenal football. Indeed, this is the best time of the year because it’s Rivalry Week. Bragging rights are on the line, and for many teams, it’s a chance to wrap up spots in championship games or ruin a rival’s postseason hopes. Week 13 was fairly quiet as almost every ranked team rolled to a victory. The lone exception was #8 Ole Miss, who was shut out by Arkansas 30-0. The major highlight from...

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This CFB Weekend is a Good Time for Christmas Shopping

Want to get a head start on Christmas shopping but afraid you’ll miss some good games? Fear not, because this weekend is the cupcake weekend for college football where teams schedule lesser-worthy opponents to get ready for the home stretch. Catch up on last week’s action and preview the upcoming weekend below while you’re out shopping. The Weekend That Was The biggest result of Week 12 was undefeated Mississippi State losing its first game as the Bulldogs fell in Tuscaloosa to Alabama, 25-20. However, the weekend was also unkind to many other ranked teams, as well. The Crimson Tide...

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