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Dan Le Batard Didn’t Vote for Lebron James Because He Knew You All Would Freak Out About It

Lebron James was well on his way to earning his first, and should be unanimous, 4th MVP title. But one writer, who also dabbles in TV, saw the opportunity to gain a little national recognition for NOT voting for James. And for Dan Le Batard, it’s all working according to plan. Le Batard is a writer for the Miami Herald and was a sometimes Pardon the Interruption host on ESPN before landing his sometimes-entertaining Le Batard show co-hosting alongside his father, who is the most enjoyable on the program. The show is ok at best but Le Batard has...

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Who’s Got the Edge In the Super Bowl MVP Race?

There’s only one Super Bowl, there will be only one winner, and  there will be only one player who wins MVP of the biggest game of the year (most likely, anyway.  There have been ties in the past).  Who will it be this year?  Here’s my list of the players in the running, in order of likelihood. Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . Joe Flacco – Quarterbacks are always the most likely choices to win.  Why Flacco over Kaepernick as the most likely?  One, despite being underdogs, I think the Ravens are going to win the...

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