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The biggest news we learned from this year’s E3

E3 is a week-long video games extravaganza. It is our Super Bowl, as it’s the only time of year where developers, journalists, and gaming vendors are in the same location with news that sets the stage for years to come.

But what did companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have in store for us? What does it mean for the future?

Read on to see the biggest highlights from this year’s E3…


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Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Actually Have Games to Show at E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, takes place this year in Los Angeles from June 10-12.

It is always a big deal for gamers considering all the game announcements, trailers, and information revealed by the major gaming companies, but this year’s show is setting up to be particularly important as all the major players have something to prove.


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What I’m thankful for: Xbox One release finally announced

Microsoft's Next-Gen Console: the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console: the Xbox One


It’s about time, Microsoft. After weeks of speculation, Microsoft finally announced when its next-generation console, the Xbox One, will hit store shelves.

The Xbox One will be released worldwide on Friday, November 22, 2013.

That is the Friday before Thanksgiving–and the start of the holiday shopping season–but a week after the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4.

So GuysGirl readers, which one are you planning on purchasing, or are you even going to get one?


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Microsoft Caves: Changes Xbox One Policies On Used Games and Always Online Stance



Microsoft has made major changes to the Xbox One, altering their stance on used games and online connectivity.

In an official news statement from Don Mattrick, President of Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft, the company has officially decided to remove the always online restrictions from the Xbox One console.

According to Mattrick, “After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again.”

The Xbox One is being revamped to address the issue of trading, reselling and lending video game software between consumers and retailers.

“There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360.”

Microsoft states that much like the current Xbox 360, downloaded games will not be transferable but will also be playable offline, once the title has been downloaded to the hard drive.

Microsoft has not mentioned any changes in pricing of the console.

E3 has been over for only a week and the next generations of consoles are still months away from hitting store shelves. These policy changes alter a few things but we’ll have to wait until launch to see if it’s enough to win the console wars.

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