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Concussion Monitoring 2.0: How LSU’s mouthguard tech is changing the game

Colleges like LSU are helping tech companies discover how to monitor and diagnose concussions more efficiently using mouthguards with computer chips. How concussions are treated has increasingly become a hot topic and there’s finally a football program being proactive about the issue. Earlier in the 2014 season, LSU partnered with Seattle-based company i1 Biometrics to outfit players with specialized mouthguards that measure head impacts during practice and games. From Geek Wire: A tiny chip inside the mouthguard — along with an accelerometer, gyroscope, battery, and antennas — helps show the severity and location of impact to a player’s head, with all the...

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Why do LSU fans smell like corndogs?

When Katy Perry was on College GameDay this past season making fun of LSU fans by throwing around a plate of corn dogs, it left many viewers confused. Apparently, Perry knew a little college football history as the LSU/corn dog connection has been around for about a decade. The rumor behind the correlation is LSU fans, Tiger Stadium and the entire town Baton Rouge reeks of batter-dipped franks. Thanks to the College GameDay segment, the taunt has made its way from SEC diehards to fans across the nation. Even LSU head coach Les Miles was asked about Perry’s claim and chimed in on it: “Oh no she didn’t. I...

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Why Everyone Needs to Stop Hating on Jeff Driskel

Watching UF’s latest game against LSU last weekend was a frustrating one for Gator fans. After skimming a 10-9 win against Tennessee the week before, LSU was a huge game Florida needed to win. And they dropped the ball…literally. Which is exactly why Gator fans need to give the Jeff Driskel hatred a rest. I attended the game against the Kentucky Wildcats and noticed a lot of ball dropping all throughout the game. From the angle of my seats, it was hard to tell if it was Driskel’s fault or the receivers’. But the case of the butterfingers was...

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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Well that was ugly. Notre Dame’s vaunted defense was no match for the onslaught that is the Crimson Tide as Alabama steamrolled the Fighting Irish 42-14 to capture its third BCS title in four years. Alabama drove right down the field on its opening drive and never looked back. It was 14-0 after one quarter and 28-0 at half. Notre Dame trailed 35-0 before finally getting on the board and ending Alabama’s incredible 108 minute-long BCS title game shutout streak. For the second straight year, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron came up big when it mattered most. Last year’s title...

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