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Jason Whitlock brilliantly defends Rick Pitino as media rushes to judgement

As you may or may not have heard me on the recent Helmets and Heels, I defended Louisville head coach Rick Pitino as he endures the evolving recruit “sex scandal” story. But the newest addition to the Fox Sports family in Jason Whitlock hit the nail on the head when he appeared on Colin Cowherd’s radio show this week.

As a bit of background on the story, the University of Louisville’s basketball program is currently under NCAA investigation for ex-coach Andre McGee who reportedly payed for strippers and escorts to entertain athletes and potential recruits. The rumored 22 parties over four years from 2010-2014 were detailed in a new book released by the woman who ran the escort service. While she hasn’t had any “business” from the school in nearly two years, she did employ her two daughters among other women to take part in these activities and now she’s sharing her experience publicly in her book, which resulted in the NCAA investigation.

I said Tuesday on-air and on Twitter, I’m not particularly mad about this situation and was relieved to hear Whitlock’s rational and realistic comments on the subject:

In today’s social media world, people are quick to jump to conclusions with pitchforks in hand. Especially when it comes to the portion of our society who continuously attempts to make sex a taboo topic. But I commend Whitlock for having a realistic understanding of an evolving story where some in the media are fake-caring about college kids enjoying adult entertainment.

Newsflash: college kids hit up strip clubs and have sex completely on their own. And college athletes don’t need help from a university’s recruitment program to do so.

Full disclosure, I am a Louisville fan but if this scandal happened at rival Kentucky, I wouldn’t call for John Calipari to be fired without hearing the results of a full investigation. Pitino did announce on Thursday he has no plans to resign amidst the controversy and he shouldn’t.

Who really believes a Hall of Fame coach knew about a situation of this magnitude and would endorse a program that could damage his reputation long term? Some apparently do and Pitino has become an easy target in the media.

Unless Louisville authorized payments for escort services to McGee, which I highly doubt they did, I’m not going to crucify consenting adults who exchange funds for services without any physical harm being done. And I won’t condemn a woman who profits by offering her body for monetary gain. But what I will crucify and condemn is profiting off of a book based on exaggerations and assumptions.

In the words of ex-NBA player Terrence Williams, it’s a privilege to play basketball at the University of Louisville and Rick Pitino doesn’t need to pay for p*ssy to get a recruit to commit. So let’s allow the investigation to pan out before we rush to fire one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time.

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Can anyone challenge Kentucky?

Is it too early to start thinking about the NCAA Tournament?  After all, it’s called “March Madness” not “January Madness.”  Well, if you’re a big college basketball fan and you’re anxious to make a good showing (or a killing) in your office bracket pool, paying attention to the games in January and February might be the most important time to think about what’s coming up.

With that in mind, here’s a handful of teams to watch out for come tournament time, and some potential ones to avoid.

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Girl Crush: Jennifer Lawrence remains our favorite Louisville fan

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted over the holidays at a college basketball game between the Louisville Cardinals and Kentucky Wildcats, and could be seen cheering on her team and dancing in her suite.

JLaw, born and raised in Louisville, is a big Cardinals fan, and had no problem throwing up the “L” and taking pics with fans.

JLaw is far and away the cutest Louisville fan and coupled with her past superhero movie roles, she’s a true GuysGirl at heart.

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Can Louisville go all the way, or will someone ground the Cards?

Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater (Chris Gaythern/Getty Images)

Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater (Chris Gaythern/Getty Images)

No conference epitomizes conference realignment and its effects on the collegiate landscape more than the American Athletic Conference, formerly known as the Big East.

Off the field, it has been a bit of a nightmare for the former Big East. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are now in the ACC, and Louisville will be joining them next year. Rutgers bolted to the Big 10, and Notre Dame–a non-football member–is taking its other sports to the ACC as well. Boise State and San Diego State had second thoughts and opted to stay in the Mountain West.

Another blow came when the non-football members of the league were fed up with football taking such a priority and split off to form their own conference, taking the Big East name with them.

Luckily, the conference managed to find some success on the field. Half the teams in the conference posted at least eight wins, including two teams with double-digit wins. Cincinnati went 10-3 with a victory over Virginia Tech, but the real highlight of the season came from Louisville. The Cardinals went 11-2 behind quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, a 2013 Heisman favorite, and pummeled mighty Florida 33-23 in the Sugar Bowl.

With the return of Bridgewater and a favorable schedule, Louisville is setting its sights high. Cardinal fans aren’t just hoping for another BCS berth, they want the football team to follow in the steps of the men’s basketball team and bring home a national championship. Papa John’s for everyone!


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