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The NFL’s Next Move, Part 2: London?

Now for Part Two of GuysGirl’s NFL Expansion articles. This time we’ll look at the NFL’s potential international expansion: Could the league (really) be going to the UK? The NFL invaded London for the seventh season in a row this past year, but this time we added not just one but two games to Wembley Stadium‘s schedule. And not only did the NFL invade, they sold out. Both games. In just two weeks of ticket sales. These sell-outs signal to the league that they’ve never been hotter in London. There’s an obvious interest in American football that’s continuing to grow across the...

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What would happen if an American coached a soccer team in London?

Soccer, aka the “real” football, is always made fun of in the states for being less of a “man’s” game. But in one of the funnier videos you’ll see today, NBC uses Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in a new commercial to promote the Premiere League making it’s way to the network. And it’s brilliant. Coach Lasso clearly has no idea the basic fundamentals of football in London and uses hilarious lines like “ties and no playoffs? Why do you even do this?” and “how many countries are in this country?”. With the Premier League moving to NBC and...

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Travel Tips for NFL Fans Headed to London

Recently GuysGirl teamed up with a local Jacksonville company called Void Magazine in which we wanted to take the intimidation out of traveling to London to see a NFL game. The article that appeared in the print magazine obviously didn’t include internet links so here is a helpful video and transcript to help making that trip across the pond to see your favorite team play a little less intimidating! Getting There Passport For any travel out of the country, you’re going to need a passport. If you already have a Passport, make sure it’s up to date with accurate...

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