Tom Brady Is Proof You Have To Watch The Games, Not Your Fantasy Team

This is the season of our overreaction.  This week especially, eh?

After all, this was the week when the Patriots’ run was “over.”  In fact, they should trade Tom Brady, that’s if they can get anybody to take his contract off their hands.  They have no chance against Cincinnati.  None.  Yeah, right.  Let that be a lesson to you.  Let it be several in fact.

First, just because a guy is under-performing on your fantasy football team doesn’t mean he’s over.  Watch the games.  And don’t listen to media analysts either – they all play fantasy football too.

Second, one week does not a season make.  Sometimes teams play bad and then come back and play good and vice versa.

Try not to act like you’ve never seen these teams or players ever do anything except what they did on Sunday.  You’ll be less shocked at what happens on the field.

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