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Jets Fan Harassed On Streets Of New York For 5 Miserable Hours

Has your sports team ever sucked so bad that you’re ridiculed in the streets for still rocking the team gear? That’s was this Jets fan did to parody the now infamous catcalling video that’s gotten over 34 million views. He filmed himself walking around the streets of New York decked out in Jets gear only to receive some of the most cruel comments in a video that may or may not be fake. This kind of treatment has to be some form of harassment in a court somewhere in this country.   [UPROXX]  ...

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“Sanchise” is No More in Jets Country

Wanna hear a joke? Mark Sanchez The New York Jets drafted Mark Sanchez in 2009 and glancing at his first couple of seasons, he was phenomenal. Sanchez led the Jets to two AFC championships, but after that, it was just a bunch of failed attempts at being a quarterback. None can forget the infamous butt fumble during the New England Patriots vs. New York Jets game in 2012 where Sanchez ran into his own teammates’ rear end at full speed. Last Friday, the Jets and the Eagles made an impromptu QB switch when the Jets picked up Michael Vick...

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Why I use birth control: 7 year old Jets fan fights with Bucs fan

New York fans, especially Jets fans, are known to be obnoxious. But when a video was taken from the game Sunday of a 7-year old taunting an adult Bucs fan, I don’t think many people thought this kind of aggression would start at such a young age. While listening to this kid shout “IN YOUR FACE” repeatedly, I can’t help but picture him getting punched in the face in a good 5 years for saying that to someone his own age who doesn’t think “it’s cute”. Watch the video of the little jerk below…. Via The Big Lead...

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The AFC East is the Patriots to lose. Again.

The once mighty AFC East has really fallen off.  Even the perennial Patriots aren’t quite the team they used to be, and I’m guessing only the division winner gets to the postseason this year. Predicted Finish: New England Patriots (11-5) (2nd seed; AFC Championship game) Miami Dolphins (7-9) Buffalo Bills (6-10) NY Jets (5-11) Maybe I’m kidding myself, but I think Tom Brady is gonna miss Wes Welker like Miley Cyrus was missing most of her clothes at the VMAs.  Danny Amendola is OK, but he’s not Welker.  They’ll also miss Aaron Hernandez, but if there’s a quarterback who’s...

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Dicks Sporting Goods Has a Sense of Humor

This is a photo a Redditor submitted at a local New York Dicks Sporting Goods store. Take a close look at what #15 is sitting on. Thoughts when I first saw it? “I AM FOREVER A CUSTOMER”.  More stores need to have a sense of humor about things like this. Just for our pure amusement. #ButTheyLiedtoHim...

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