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(Almost) Dying for Dummies

Rob Lazlo has been a writer for GuysGirl since 2010, faithfully covering the NFL, MLB, NBA,  as well as his incredibly popular TV recap dubbed, Lazlo’s Clicker. Back in December of 2013, Rob was air-lifted to a local hospital where open heart surgery was performed. The success rate was extremely low, but Rob powered not only through that but also a minor stroke after the surgery. He’s lucky to be alive and 6 months later, this is first article back where he describes the entire ordeal on how he’s lucky to be alive. Well hello there, whoever it is...

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Kevin Ware of Louisville Shows Impeccable Leadership After Horrific Injury

“I’m ok. You guys go win this thing” These are the words said by Louisville player Kevin Ware after his leg was literally snapped in half while playing in the Elite 8 against Duke. (Obviously this link is NOT for the squeamish) Everyone watching the game both in person and on TV all grimaced in pain at the sight of one of the most horrific injuries we’ve ever seen on a basketball court. But I’m not sure how many would have the grace and leadership to offer words of wisdom so inspiring, that the Cardinals dominated the game when...

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Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year is the Feel Good Story of the Day

We are a little late to the game with this news but it doesn’t mean these brothers won’t be the best story you’ve heard today, this week or this year. Conner Long, 9, competes with his brother Cayden, 6, in triathlons. While that alone is impressive, what makes this story so beautifully inspirational is that Cayden has cerebral palsy and Conner tows his little brother behind him in a raft during the swimming event, a shaded cart in the cycling portion and pushes him through to the finish line at the end. They always finish last but to Conner,...

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