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DIY Game Day Braid: Why this hairstyle can be your BFF

For most female sports fans, you’re well aware that attending sporting events requires being outside in the elements for long periods of time. And when you are outside for a while, your hair tends to turn into a hot mess if you aren’t brushing it every 15 minutes. Which is why the braid can be the best friend you never thought you needed. Scouring the pages of Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed several types of hair braids that aren’t the traditional braids you grew up with. There’s the fishtail, waterfall, braid pony tail wrap, angel braid and countless others to...

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How to stay sane and still look fabulous on game day

Getting ready for game day can sometimes be a daunting task. For many football fans, especially Southerners, game day is planned all week long and is used as an excuse to play dress up. There are many things to consider such as how to wear your hair, what to bring inside and what to actually wear while watching the game. And you also have to factor in weather for every choice you make. Check out these articles to help you with the quest of getting game day ready… Don’t let your hair get crazy What to wear on game...

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Girl burns her hair off while trying to make curling instructional video

Most of us ladies have had that occasion where you set the curling iron a little too hot and once you hear the burning singe, you remove the curler immediately. This poor girl had no singe. While making an instructional YouTube video on how to curl your hair with a wand, Tori Locklear apparently set the curling iron too high on the thin section (almost baby hair) close to her face. After the 20 seconds or so on the wand, the entire section of hair burned off as if it was never attached in the first place. After a...

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