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Trip of a Lifetime: Landing & Taking Off From a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier

On one beautiful day in January of 2010, I was given the honor of landing, staying the night, and taking off from the nuclear aircraft carrier, The USS Harry S. Truman. It was loud, it was big and it was a great eye-opener of how challenging a day to day life of a sailor truly is.   The DV program is basically the Navy’s effort to raise awareness to civilians of the day to day work that goes into keeping this country safe. The program has existed for a while but only recently has the focused switched from inviting...

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An Evening With the NFL Commish Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell is arguably the best Commissioner is all of the major sports. While you won’t agree with every decision he has ever made, the personal outreach he does for fans is pretty impressive with his most recent including participating in a “Town Hall” style meeting with local Jaguar fans. And GuysGirl was honored enough to be invited. During the forum, about 60 Jaguars season ticket owners were invited to hear Goodell answer any questions the crowd had planned for about 30 minutes prior to the game. Goodell was asked and answered so confidently and with command on subjects...

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Best of GuysGirl [always updated]

Closing in at almost 3,000 articles, we thought we would create a page that feature the articles YOU loved the most. While we have news posted daily to keep you updated around the sports and entertainment world, most of our best work lies in the special features by our talented writers that have grown with GuysGirl throughout the few short years that we have been on the scene. Take a gander around and let us know if you remember an article that you really liked and we’ll add it to the page. Want to send us a tip? Or write for us? Any question/comment you have, just drop us an email  here.   5.8 Million Women Are Playing Fantasy Football and That Number Looks to Grow Is the NFL’s Outreach Getting Better? Women’s Clubs, Fashion, Social Media and more… Dating Season is officially open! How I Ridiculously Decided to Become a Fan of the Georgia Bulldogs Can the NFL Grow the Female Fan Base Without Women In the Front Office? 2012 All Girl’s Fantasy Football Draft Victoria’s Secret Debuts Sexy New Lineup of College and NFL Clothes Girls Who Only Hang Out With Guys Because It’s “Less Drama” Are Ridiculous. 4 Things to Know If You Want to Date a Female Football Fan Football Heels: Sexy or Hot Mess? What to Get Your Guy for Valentine’s Day Even If...

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