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Recapping ‘Meet Me At The 50’ with Suzy Kolber

The Jaguars might not be the best performing team in the wins column but their recent women’s event “Meet Me At The 50” highlighted the proper angle female fans want to be marketed. Earlier this season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers launched a program called Red which featured meet n’ greets, football 101’s and female-centric items such as manicures and mimosas. While I defended the program because every fan enjoys their game day experience differently, it faced a lot of backlash from other female fans because it reeked of a sloppy-and-sexist plan hastily thrown together before the season started. For the...

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Watch as this little girl is surprised with tickets to a Patriots game

I’ve grown a little tired of parents filming their kids after bad sports losses. But this little girl surprised with New England Patriots game day tickets is everything. Bella had one wish for her 8th birthday and that was to see her Patriots play. After returning home from school, she was surprised with a gift in her backpack. After pulling out a brand new Tom Brady jersey, this is how the conversation transpired between her and her mom: Bella: “I’m going to the game? No you didn’t…” Mom: “Yep, I got two tickets.” Bella: “Me and you?” /runs to...

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What is one thing the NFL can do to improve its outreach to women?

The NFL has come a long way in terms of it’s outreach to women. Considering 44% of the overall NFL fanbase is women, this outreach was long overdue. Aside from transition of shoving pink jerseys down our throats, the NFL has made a considerable effort with team fashions in the actual team colors, the addition of home-gating items as well as traveling NFL Style booths that visit any team that requests it. But the NFL also took a huge step backwards in 2013 by disallowing purses larger than the size of your hand under the pretense of “it improves...

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Can the NFL Grow the Female Fan Base Without Women In the Front Office? [State of the NFL Female Fan]

After the NFL regular season ended, we started collecting data on the role of the woman within all aspects of the NFL. In this series we are going to explore the many varieties that make up the female NFL fan. In this first article, we cover the remarkably low number of women in a leadership role among NFL teams and if that will have a negative effect on the fastest growing fan segment. Most fans across both genders are well aware that legitimate female fans exist within the NFL fanbase. But with the percentage of that female fanbase reaching...

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