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S-E-C! S-E-C! The SEC Network Arrives Next Summer

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It is now official: the SEC Network is coming next summer.

Formally announced last Thursday, the 24-hour network will go live on August 6, 2014 and be based out of ESPN’s Charlotte studio. Why Charlotte, and not someplace actually in SEC territory? Well, ESPN already has facilities in place there.

The SEC Network is a partnership between the SEC and ESPN that runs through 2034 and promises to air 1,000 sporting events a year, with 450 of those on television while the rest being offered through digital means. Those figures include 45 football games divided up into three conference games a week. CBS and ESPN still get to air conference games–CBS still gets first choice–but the SEC Network will be able to re-broadcast games aired on the other two networks.

No high school football games will be shown on the network, and there are currently no plans to air bowl games. The SEC Championship game for football will not be aired on the network, but other SEC conference tournaments will be shown.

AT&T Uverse has already agreed to carry the new network, and discussions are currently ongoing with other distributors. The SEC Network will also be available through mobile and other devices like smartphones, tablets, and the Xbox.

So what does this mean for the competition?

They should not be thrilled for one.

The SEC is already the most dominant conference in football, having won the past seven BCS titles and favored to win another this coming season. They did not need any more help, but they are getting it anyway. Figures have not been released, but it is widely assumed that this deal is going to drown the conference in cash. Texas A&M is planning on making its stadium the largest in the conference, and one has to assume that other schools will follow suit.

The Longhorn Network provides a cautionary tale, but the SEC Network is not going to make the same mistakes. The Big 10 and Pac-12 have successfully launched their own networks, so this will not be uncharted territory. For one, unlike the Longhorn Network, the SEC Network will provide content for 14 schools as opposed to just one. The region is sports-crazy and does not face much competition from professional sports like Texas does. Also, the SEC Network is not likely to face the same distribution problems that the LHN did–Texas AD DeLoss Dodds famously was not able to get the LHN in his own home.

The SEC is already at the forefront on the field, but this move ensures the conference’s strength for the future. Commissioner Mike Silve struck while the iron was hot and the SEC was as strong and attractive as it has ever been. Sports are cyclical, and the SEC’s title streak will eventually come to an end. However, the SEC Network, and the revenue it will bring in, will help minimize the downturns and keep the conference flourishing.

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Dan Le Batard Didn’t Vote for Lebron James Because He Knew You All Would Freak Out About It

Lebron James was well on his way to earning his first, and should be unanimous, 4th MVP title. But one writer, who also dabbles in TV, saw the opportunity to gain a little national recognition for NOT voting for James. And for Dan Le Batard, it’s all working according to plan.

dan le batard didn't vote lebron james mvp

Le Batard is a writer for the Miami Herald and was a sometimes Pardon the Interruption host on ESPN before landing his sometimes-entertaining Le Batard show co-hosting alongside his father, who is the most enjoyable on the program.

The show is ok at best but Le Batard has the personality of a Skip Bayless in training. So it’s certainly not to shock to some that he would pull a stunt as to purposely not vote for Lebron to gain national attention.

But for the people out there who didn’t know his name until now, as proven by the enormous amount of tweets Le Batard was receiving Sunday, he started to re-tweet them all to create his own buzz around his own vote, further stirring the “OH MY GOD. HE DIDN’T VOTE FOR LEBRON” pot.

Pretty smart. If an eye-rolling fact is considered a compliment.

To cap it off, Le Batard started to receive a slew of requests for show appearances from the likes of  Colin Cowherd, Doug Gottlieb and even Dan Patrick looking to ride the coattails of an obvious publicity stunt.

They say all publicity is good publicity but I can’t help but think……dance puppets. Dance.

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ESPN is Polling Viewers On What Stories To Quit Talking About


I think it’s safe to say everyone in the country is tired of hearing about certain stories in the news. Whether it’s Tebow, Lance Armstrong and now Manti Te’o, we like to think the big networks like ESPN know when enough is enough.

So it might come as a surprise that ESPN would poll active users on when they should actually move on from a story. And this picture shows a poll conducted today of how much of the country is sick and tired of hearing about Manti Te’o and his fake girlfriend.

Guess what the majority of an entire nation decided?….


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