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Life Hacks: How to chill that hot beer super fast

Nothing is worse than buying a twelve pack of beer only to realize you grabbed the one that isn’t cold enough to drink. Even worse is when you’re headed to a tailgate (or party) and need to get that beer cold fast, so let’s not waste anymore time. Here are seven ways to get those brews from room temperature to icy cold. 1. Get a SpinChill For $30, you can pick up this battery operated contraption that spins a room temperature beer down to 38 degrees in one minute without shaking the can (or bottle) up. 2. Get a Drill Attachment...

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The ChamBong is another reason to love champagne!

This football season I made the conscience choice to switch my tailgating beverage from beer to champagne. Not only have I saved on the calorie intake but now there’s news champagne may boost memory and prevent dementia. In a 2013 study that suddenly went viral on social media over the weekend, the report states “red grapes used in the process of making champagne may help prevent the cognitive losses that occur during typical and atypical brain aging. Therefore drinking up to three glasses of champagne weekly may help delay the onset of degenerative brain disorders, such as dementia.” Besides...

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Harry Potter shots: Let’s get Potterfaced!

Now that the Harry Potter generation is well within drinking age, we’re starting to see more adult themed when it comes to the childhood classic. One adult theme I can hop on board with are these Harry Potter shots. Created by Graphic Nerdity, these are the first set of Harry Potter themed shots and cocktails that have puns built right into their name that only true fans could grasp. But as the creator admits, some of these shots taste terrible: These drinks are not for beginners. By that I mean only experienced Harry Potter fans will appreciate the puns...

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How to ruin a perfectly good bottle of champagne

Opening a bottle of champagne is terrifying even for the most experienced mimosa drinker. But if you’re the idiot below, you like to open a perfectly good bottle of champagne by throwing it up against a wall as if you’re slapping God in the face. Only this time, God hit back in hilarious fashion. Now let’s watch on repeat for added measure: Don’t be this guy. Don’t slap God in the face. Don’t throw a full bottle of champagne against a...

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Fox announces they’re making Duff Beer from The Simpsons

Having an iconic Duff Beer from The Simpsons has been a reality for those who have recently frequented Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. But soon, you’ll be able to buy Duff Beer and take it home with you. While it won’t appear in the U.S. for mass production for quite some time, patrons in Europe and South America will enjoy it first mostly due to the Duff knockoffs that have been available for years. As far as what to expect in regards to the taste of Duff beer, Fox says, “It’s a premium lager. It’s got a very good...

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