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On a budget? Check these simple Disney cosplay ideas

Next up in our ‘Cosplay on a Budget’ series, we feature simple Disney cosplay ideas that won’t break your bank. Premiering at the end of 2015, Noise Complaint’s newest set pays homage to Disney by featuring a random cast of characters. When we first decided to do a Disney set it was only logical for us to be Disney princesses and princes. However, as we were putting dances together, we realized dressing as royalty wouldn’t be feasible for various reasons. Instead, we took the opportunity to become characters we each have wanted to cosplay at some time or another....

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Is Princess Leia the Most Badass Disney Princess of All Time?

All Disney Princesses are strong women in their own right. But with the purchase of Star Wars, many assumed Princess Leia instantly became the most powerful of them all. A few years back, Disney shocked the world when they announced they would be buying LucasArts, the company that owns and operates the movie blockbuster franchises of Star Wars and Indiana Jones for $4-billion dollars. With Princess Leia joining a long list of other famous Disney princesses, it got us to thinking: Is she automatically the most badass Disney Princess of them all? Let’s discuss…. NO.7 CINDERELLA When you think...

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Makeup artist creates ‘Dead Disney Princess’ series

Shonagh Scott is a talented makeup artist based in the UK and she recently photographed herself made up as several dead Disney princess characters who faced a not-so-happily-ever-after. Called the Twisted Princess series, it shows each character suffering a fate from an iconic portion of their respective movies.  Elsa takes an icicle through the throat, Ariel has her voice ripped out by Ursala the sea witch, Belle was shredded for taking Beast’s rose, Cinderella tripped over glass slipper and Snow White eating a poisonous apple is finally taking its toll. Take a look at the fantastic makeup art for...

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