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Dreams Die Hard In the NFL

Dreams die hard. And the end of the Baltimore/Minnesota game was proof of that.

This game saw five touchdowns in the last 2:07 of the game.  Joe Flacco capped off a touchdown drive at that 2:07 mark with a touchdown pass to Dennis Pitta to take a 15-12 lead.

But with their playoff hopes hanging in the balance, the Ravens defense surrendered a two-play 68 yard touchdown drive, highlighted by Toby Gerhart’s 41 yard touchdown run.  The Ravens had the answer.  Jacoby Jones returned the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown.  Ravens 22 Vikings 19 for those keeping score at home.

But it wasn’t done yet.

Matt Cassell threw a 79 yard touchdown pass to Cordarrelle Patterson to give Minnesota the lead once more with just :31 left.  Were the Ravens’ playoff hopes over?  Hell no.  With :09 left rookie Marlon Brown hauled in a 9 yard touchdown pass from Flacco and miraculously kept his feet in bounds.  What a finish!



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Manning and Brady continue to deliver the goods

There are lots of years where the Super Bowl winds up being a bust.  Or where a highly anticipated showdown between two good teams turns into a blowout.

But Manning v. Brady?  Sure seems like every time these two meet up, they deliver the goods.

It didn’t look that way in the first half, of course, as Denver jumped out to a 24-0 lead.  But the Patriots scored 31 unanswered points to start the second half.

That alone would have made for a remarkable game, but just to make it interesting, Manning tossed his second touchdown with 3 minutes left to send the game into overtime, before the Patriots finally sealed the deal in the extra period.  Never a dull moment.


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How Many TD’s is Peyton Gonna Throw?

It’s week 4.  WEEK 4!  And Peyton Manning has already thrown 16 touchdown passes.  Let that sink in.  That’s 4 per game.

At this rate, Manning will throw 64 TDs this season, which would shatter the existing record by 14, set by Peyton’s old friend Tom Brady in 2007.


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Broncos and Chiefs are better, Chargers are meh and the Raiders are still terrible

The AFC West resembles the old NFC West, when the 49ers used to feast on weak competition and secure the #1 seed every year.

That’s Denver this year, a Super Bowl contender in a field of also-rans.

Predicted Finish

Denver Broncos (14-2) (1st seed; Super Bowl loser)

Kansas City Chiefs (8-8)

San Diego Chargers (6-10)

Oakland Raiders (1-15)

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afc west 2013 season preview


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