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Cowboys and Saints: Which Team Has Been the Bigger Surprise?

On Sunday Night Football, a tale of two teams seemingly headed in opposite directions, and both confounding expectations.

On the one side, the New Orleans Saints, an assumed Super Bowl contender, one of the top 3 teams in the NFC, en route to a 1-3 record courtesy of its weakest performance yet.  On the other, the Dallas Cowboys, hit with the “rebuilding” tag thanks to a defense that was historically bad in 2013 and now featured a variety of unknown (and thought to be fill in) players.


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He Who Sucks The Least: NFC East 2014 Preview

It’s back!  Even though this appears to be the year the NFL will do everything in its power to destroy its popularity (Wildly inconsistent discipline!  Rule changes NO ONE asked for!  Punish defenses the year after the passing TD record got broken! Let’s all kiss Dan Snyder’s ass!) I’m sure we’ll all forget the stuff they’re doing once the action on the field gets going.

Except in the NFC East that is, yuck!


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Manning and Brady continue to deliver the goods

There are lots of years where the Super Bowl winds up being a bust.  Or where a highly anticipated showdown between two good teams turns into a blowout.

But Manning v. Brady?  Sure seems like every time these two meet up, they deliver the goods.

It didn’t look that way in the first half, of course, as Denver jumped out to a 24-0 lead.  But the Patriots scored 31 unanswered points to start the second half.

That alone would have made for a remarkable game, but just to make it interesting, Manning tossed his second touchdown with 3 minutes left to send the game into overtime, before the Patriots finally sealed the deal in the extra period.  Never a dull moment.


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NFC East: How Many Wins Will it Take?

Remember the old commercial…How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?  No?  Well, your dad remembers it.  Go ask him.  But today’s question is even simpler.

Could, for the second time in NFL history, a division fail to produce even ONE .500 team?  It’s possible.  In fact, looking at this crappy division, it may even be likely.


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