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4-year old fashionista creates the cutest dresses out of paper

Angie Keiser, mother to the affectionately named Mayhem, has a future empire on her hands. This adorable little girl creates dresses made out of paper with many of her inspirations coming from Hollywood itself.

To help spread the word about her daughter’s creations, Keiser’s started an Instagram account as well as the website, FashionByMayhem.

The one of a kind creations are made in as little as 10 minutes using tissue, construction paper and tape and are modeled after dresses seen on the red carpet or just Mayhem’s own concoctions.

While she only wears them for 10 minutes before ripping it off for her regular clothes, Keiser insists that a majority of the dresses are made solely by Mayhem herself.

Check out some of her best dresses below…



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Monday Coffee: Probowl got better, Grammy’s, Velociraptors, farts and TMNT

Editor’s Note: We’re almost at the point of the sports season where all we have is basketball, until that miserable point,  here’s the rundown or sports and entertainment you may have missed in this week’s Monday Morning Coffee.

The NFL may have saved the Probowl.

I’ll admit, when I heard that the AFC vs. NFC format would be abandoned in favor of a team captain choices in kickball-style format by Jerry Rice and Deon Sanders, I laughed thinking the Probowl would only become more of a joke. But after watching, and enjoying, the first Probowl in years, it was a welcome change.

We saw teammates going against each other, and hitting, hard. In fact, this game was filled with hard hits and guys playing for pride. Team Rice ended up taking down Team Sanders in the final seconds of the game with a last minute 2-point conversion and a missed 60+ field goal by Team Sanders. The ball was playfully caught and returned Auburn style, though the TD didn’t end up counting. But these couple changes along with a forced focus of playing hard may have saved the Probowl from being abolished all-together.


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