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Watch this little girl react adorably to seeing Star Wars

This little girl watches Star Wars while her parents filmed her reaction and the world is a better place after seeing it.  When the Star Wars trailers dropped, an entire generation of fans squealed with delight as they relived their childhood. But for this little girl, we got to see one of the cutest reactions to a Star Wars trailer ever filmed.  All while wearing a cute bow in her hair and waving around a magic wand. Not only could she identify BB-8, Storm Troopers, Light sabers and X-Wings, her pronunciation of “Aluminum Falcon” and saying “And the light”...

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Toddler just can’t help himself when ‘Let It Go’ is played

We’ve all heard the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen waaaaaay too many times. But one little boy who just can’t seem to get enough of the song is Jackson. The minute he hears the now-infamous song, he throws his hands in the air and his face has a smile a mile wide for a whole 5-seconds until the doll shuts off. His sister can’t hit the button fast enough as the concerned look on his face grows until the doll plays the song again. And each time, his reaction gets cuter and cuter. While the video is...

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This Adorable Little Girl Dressed As The Hulk

As a woman, I love seeing other female cosplayers. But it warms my heart to see a young cosplayer take on traditionally masculine character and give her own girly twist on it. Check out this little girl dressed as the Hulk at the Emerald City ComiCon donning a muscly shirt paired with a purple tutu. H/T Fashionably...

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Watch: Father’s hilarious/miserable Saturday mornings with his daughter

Having a daughter under the age of 10 has to be rough. Especially when you’re a father and you have Disney princesses, Lady Gaga songs, and baby dolls taking up most of your Saturday mornings. YouTuber Bottlerocket uploaded a compilation of Vine videos he filmed each Saturday morning over the past three months. And the results are hilariously miserable as they get.  ...

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Hank the stray dog is the Brewers’ new mascot

You know how they say “some dogs just find you”? Well that seems to be what’s going on with the Brewers and their new unofficial team mascot, Hank the stray dog. After wandering into the team’s spring training facility, employees at the park noticed something wrong with little Hank and took him to the vet to be checked out. After being treated for signs of being hit by a car, employees took the dog in and the players have since joined in on caring for the little guy. Check out some of the adorable pictures below…   [Boston.com]...

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