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Can aging Texans make the elusive Superbowl birth?

The AFC South features two solid contenders – the Texans and Colts, and two teams that just aren’t in the Titans and Jaguars.  The biggest question coming out of this division is whether the Colts can duplicate their success of a year ago.

Predicted Finish:

Houston Texans (11-5) (3rd seed; AFC Divisional Round)

Indianapolis Colts (9-7)

Tennessee Titans (6-10)

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)

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afc south season preview 2013

Houston continues to be the very definition of a solid balanced football team.  They run and block well.  They have a capable game manager type in QB Matt Schaub.  Andre Johnson is a great playmaker.  And their defense is outstanding.  But they lack the star power to go all the way.

Star power is not a concern for Indianapolis, where all eyes are on second year quarterback Andrew Luck.  It is entirely possible Luck elevates his game and the Colts are even better this year than last, but I think they take a step back before they take a step forward.  This team is still a work in progress, and they won’t have a last place schedule to feast on this year.

The Tennessee Titans will go as far this season as QB Jake Locker can take them.  This is a make or break year for Locker and a number of other players.  The Titans made improvements to their line and added some weapons, so there is no excuse for the offensive inconsistency that characterized last season.

Despite my dire prediction for Jacksonville, I think they were smart to go straight rebuild and try to add talent overall instead of shoe-horning a quarterback as their first round pick.  They will struggle this year – Blaine Gabbert is probably the worst starting QB in the league – but the good news is they will have their pick of quarterbacks in next year’s draft as they rebuild for the future.

Games to Watch

Week 2 – Jacksonville@Oakland:  If there’s  a worse team than the Jaguars in the NFL, it is undoubtedly the Raiders.  Is it too early to call this the Bridgewater Bowl?

Week 5 – Houston @San Francisco:   This is the third game in a brutal stretch that sees the Texans taking on the Ravens, Seahawks and 49ers.  Can they win two out of these three?

Week 11 – Indianapolis @Tennessee:   This is a pivotal game for both teams.  The Colts can’t afford to lose a road game to a lesser divisional opponent; the Titans need to show they can’t beat a team like the Colts.

Week 15 – Houston @Indianapolis:  This late season game could well be for the division, a playoff spot, or both.  And Indy gets to host it.

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Only 7 Teams in the NFL Have an Official Women’s Fan Club

The Jaguars made news the other day as becoming the 7th team in the NFL to add an official women’s fan club. Which begged the question from many readers as to what other teams around the league have fan clubs as well.

In the State of the NFL Female Fan research compiled in January, we found some pretty interesting info on the NFL’s outreach, or lack there of, to a fan base that represents 45% of the league.

colts womens club nfl


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Hasselbeck Wins Number On Unconventional Half Court Shot Bet

Hasselbeck Wins Number On Unconventional Bet

All athletes are usually pretty particular about their numbers. So when Matt Hasselbeck got a new job with the Colts, someone else already had his number and he wasn’t going to give it up without a fight. Lucky for Hasselbeck, it turned out well in his favor…

Reserve QB Chandler Harnish owned the #8 jersey for the Colts and when he found out new backup Matt Hasselbeck wanted it, he agreed to a proposal from Matt that if he made the shot, he would give Harnish $8,000 for his number.

Harnish ended up making the shot, but instead, chose to donate the money to a charity back in his hometown.

Unconventional but still very cool. Especially on Harnish’s part.

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“Daddy’s a Psychic You Beautiful B*tches” says Colts Punter After He Was Almost Catfished

“Daddy’s a psychic you beautiful b*tches” is one of a few hilarious sentences that came out of  Colts Punter Pat McAfee’s mouth when he realized he had correctly identified someone who had tried to scam him, ala the hit show Catfished.

Manti Te’o of course (according to him) fell for this same scam when he was contacted from a random female on the internet. Like Te’o, MaAfee felt suspicious about an attractive woman sending him messages on Twitter.

After communicating for a bit, MaAfee became suspicious and even had a dream about the situation that the woman contacting him was a man. He cut off contact and was watching the MTV show Catfish when the same person was on the show.

When he saw the show, he was in bed and looked at his two female dogs and says the awesome line “Daddy’s a psychic you beautiful b*tches”.

Check out the full story via McAfee’s Twitter postings below…


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The First Round of the NFL Playoffs Are Here

The regular season is over and the playoffs are here.  For the second year in a row, I managed a winning (if unspectacular) record on picks, and unlike the New York Giants, I still make the playoffs.  The wildcard round is frequently the most intriguing slate of games you will see, and while there are some great potential matchups on the horizon, this year is no different.  There are four games on the slate and no absolutely no clear consensus on who is likely to move on.

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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