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7 Tips for filling out a competitive March Madness bracket

It’s a near scientific certainty that you’ve heard the term “March Madness” at least 12 times already today. And now the time has come to fill out a bracket and pretend you’ve watched every single game this season. But whether you’ve paid attention all season or just realized it was championship weekend, we’ve got the tips you need to fill out your bracket right the first time. 1.  Don‘t go upset crazy This is a common mistake people make.  Most upsets in the NCAA happen in the first two rounds.  Picking a 12 seed to go to the Elite...

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5 Tips for March Madness Beginners From a Former College Cheerleader

Ed Note: March Madness is about to begin and for most avid NFL/MLB fans like myself, I know a bit about college basketball, but not as much as I should. Which is why we were extremely happy that college basketball fan and former cheerleader Bridget Siegel invited us to use her tips on how to not look like a fool while watching the basketball games that will soon consume many people’s lives. The Tip Off Some advice from a former college cheerleader and, yes, mascot… It’s March Madness!! For basketball fans it’s the most fun time of year.  For...

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The Simpsons Stereotype ACC and Big 12 Conferences

Even though The Simpsons as a show hasn’t been good in years, when they characterize things like college football stereotypes, it’s a win-win for everyone. It’s especially a plus when the characterizations are spot on. Ned Flanders as Wake Forrest anyone? Check out the entire list of ACC and Big 12 Simpsons stereotypes below…   Image source 1,...

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