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California cheerleaders win wage lawsuit

A while back we told you how little cheerleaders are paid in the NFL. Many of the women across the league have sued for their right to be treated as a standard employee within an NFL organization. But now, cheerleaders in the state of California will be treated as legitimate employees vs. independent contract workers where they will now be compensated at least minimum wage for practices and appearances. Cheerleaders win a wage lawsuit for the first time! The bill signed by California Governor Jerry Brown is the first in the nation and comes after members of the Raiderettes sued...

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It’s embarrassing how little NFL Cheerleaders are paid

Whether your NFL team is one of the 26 that has cheerleaders or not, it might be shocking to discover just how little these women are making. In fact, the most a cheerleader earns across the NFL is between $70-$150 per game. That  includes mandatory public appearances, game days that last 10+ hours, and multiple weekly practices that may be as long as 6 hours. All for one game paycheck as little as $70. A recent Outside the Lines piece featured what many would call the NFL’s dirty little secret: just how little the ladies, often the faces of their organization, are actually...

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Eagles Cheerleaders Explain Zone Read Option and No Huddle Offense

A common myth in the world of football is that cheerleaders aren’t knowledgeable about the intricacies of an NFL game. But a recent series by USA TODAY aims to disprove that theory by featuring Eagles cheerleaders explaining aspects of the game that many casual fans aren’t aware of. In two videos released, the Eagles cheerleaders explain the Zone Read Option as well as the No Huddle Offense. If you’re one of those who retains information by watching rather than reading, check out the videos below to brush up on your football IQ…...

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Are NHL Ice Girls Good or Bad for the League?

The debate on the need for NHL ice girls has been increasing since the season started because of negative press around sexism and  unprofessional treatment towards these women. For those unaware, “ice girls” are a form of cheerleading and they’re utilized during the game to provide general entertainment and to clean the excess ice that forms on the rink in between plays. #456055772 / gettyimages.com Sure, their outfits are usually scantily clad and revealing, but are ice girls different from other cheerleaders in the sports industry? The NBA employs dancers. The NFL has cheerleaders. All with outfits that have...

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Superbowl Cheerleaders: 49ers Edition

Besides the actual Superbowl and in-game entertainment, a lot of fans are checking out the other members in uniform on the field, the cheerleaders. And thanks to fellow Gamedayr partner, Cheerleader Heaven, we have two lovely ladies from both the Ravens and 49ers that you can swoon over for the big game. First up we have Inna, who CH says “the Russian-born lady is in a long line of myth-busting smart cheerleaders. She’s currently getting her degree in business & marketing on her way to a Master’s in Business Administration. But with all those brains, Inna has a terrible...

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