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Batman vs. Superman, or the Birth of a New Breed of Movie Superheroes

When it comes to superheroes, the Marvel universe is the one getting most of the attention lately. We’ve all seen the movies leading up to the Avengers – starting with Hulk, Thor and Captain America – and all the TV series exploring other branches of the universe. But the Marvel universe is not the only one populated by alien warlords and amazing gadgets. There is another one, equally famous (even preferred by many), which will most likely make its big screen reboot next year. And some of its characters, like the upcoming Batman vs Superman are also world famous, even featured in several royal vegas online casino games.

But how does this highly anticipated movie hint to more DC expectations?


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Incredible Superhero Lipstick Art

Who knew such a thing as lipstick art existed?

With the trend of superheroes becoming more and more mainstream into our daily lives, maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that lipstick art (which looks incredible) has hit the internet. Hell, we’ve already seen superhero cakes, nail art, Wonder Woman flats and eye makeup art.

This particular series was photographed by for his “Kissed By a Superhero” series with makeup artist, Celine Nonon. The series is only 3 characters, but they’re pretty badass.


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Want to have an awesome Halloween costume? Start planning now

Football has started, temperatures are starting to cool down and you are losing that beautiful tan you have built up all summer. While some parts of summer leaving are sad, we all have Halloween to look forward to!

And in only just a few short weeks, many of you are going to start going to some fabulous costume parties.

Which is why if you want to have an awesome costume this year, you have to start planning and purchasing now.

Sure a part of you may think “wow but we still have so much time!” True. But to truly make the best costume imaginable, its going to require some help from the internet and creativeness at home. Which means, you need a lot of time.

And I speak from experience. The last few years, I have picked my costume at least 3 months in advance so I can start planning accordingly. But you still have time to make a great costume happen.

Or you could always wait until the last minute and look like one of these fools. You decide.

Hit the title/read more to check out tips on how to have an awesome Halloween costume…

Female Indiana Jones Costume


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Strangely Attractive: Man Shaves Batman Logo Into Chest Hair

Batman is the one Super Hero that doesn’t have a “real” super power, but rather his training/money/smarts makes up for it. So when a guy takes a likin’ to Batman, it can take on a different kind of attraction.

Take this guy for instance. If he had shaved a Superman or Spiderman logo into his chest hair, it wouldn’t be as attractive as this is.

And if you don’t find this attractive. I’m not quite sure how to explain myself and why I think it is…

batman shaved into chest hair

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The Most Perfect Batman Ever?

Throughout  history, the character Batman has had several leading Hollywood gentleman try their hand at portraying the infamous super hero that doesn’t have “super powers”.

But if you ever wondered what the absolute perfect Batman would look like, Redditor morphinapg has done the dirty work for you by morphing together the faces of Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale to create his masterpiece.

And no joke, he actually looks pretty perfect. And attractive. But hey, who’s staring…./wipes drool.

What do you guys think of the “Perfect Batman”? Or would you prefer one of the actors all by himself?

Perfect Batman

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