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Helmets and Heels: Should Ciara bring her son around Russell Wilson so soon?

For the first time in a month, all four girls of Helmets and Heels are back in the studio.

Up for discussion was the topic of singer Ciara bringing her toddler around new boyfriend, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. With a resident mom in the group, Donna has an answer that might surprise you. Bonus story includes when one of the girls (raises hand) willingly attends a first date with a guy who brought his toddler along, sippy cup and all.

Also on deck are topics to include Ray Rice’s newest interview, the dumbest question we’ve ever been asked and our somewhat-logical ideas on how to fix baseball.

Listen to the latest show below…


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Celebrate July 4th: Independence Day, patriotic drinks, and more!


If you’re located in the great United States of America, you should be eating hotdogs, drinking beer, watching baseball, lighting fireworks, and doing all the other things associated with being an American.

Since most of you, including myself, will be doing these things, I felt it important to actually catch your interest in this article with some themed videos and debunked myths on the famous holiday.

That’s what I like to call: “grabbing the readers attention for the stuff they actually want to read!”

Hit the jump to check out the infamous President’s speech from Independence Day, some great patriotic drinks, a song from Team America, July 4th myths, and more!


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Cute hairstyles to rock at a baseball game

Along with other sporting events, baseball games are usually played outdoors in Mother Nature’s elements. If you plan on spending a day outdoors to watch a game, you need a hairstyle that will stand up to the elements and stay hassle-free.

Let’s take a look at some of the cutest (and easiest) hairstyles to rock at a baseball game…


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A League of Their Own is the highest grossing baseball movie of all time

In a recent top 50 Sports Movie Factoids released by Sports Illustrated, it was revealed  A League of Their Own is the most successful baseball movie of all time.

Not Major League, Field of Dreams or even the more recent Moneyball.

But the movie about a women-only baseball team starring the likes of Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna has grossed over $107M worldwide with the (Moneyball) earning about $75M.


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