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The Biggest Super Hero Movies of the Summer

We are in a golden age for comic book movies as the success of films such as “The Dark Knight” and “The Avengers” have made movies adapted from comic books more popular than ever. With “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” having already hit theaters, and a bevy of other blockbusters on the way, 2014 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for the genre. Here are the biggest movies coming out this summer for all you comic aficionados… The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Release date: May 2 Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are back as Peter Parker...

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99% of women need this daily reminder

For most women, the morning routine is filled with dragging your behind out of bed, slapping on makeup and doing your hair before you rush out the door with half of a bagel, a bottle of water, purses and a jacket for that time of the day the office is unbearably cold even though it’s technically still winter. The point is, a woman’s “getting ready” routine is usually rushed, sometimes we forget the simplest of things that could have the worst consequences. Which is probably why this item is needed by many, many women out there… Turn Off Your...

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Are these faces 2D or 3D?

A series of paintings dubbed “2D or Not 2D” by Valeriya Kutsan and photographed by Alexander Khokhlov has recently made it’s debut to the web for it’s creative use of makeup to make the 3D image of the model’s face to appear 2D. The project explains: “Valeriya used different techniques of face painting so you can see a lot of variations – from sketch and graphic arts to water-colour and oil-paintings. This is a combination of interesting make-ups, studio photography experiments and careful retouching.”                    ...

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ESPN Creates Video Collection of Military Members Surprise Homecomings

The military and sports have always had a special relationship. Especially during times of war where a soldier coming home to their family is often celebrated at many sporting events, live, for all to see. Back in July, ESPN created an incredible collection of the most touching moments of members of our armed forces coming home to surprise those family members who’ve made sacrifices more than the average family and showing the popular special today and all this weekend. Grab a tissue box and watch the surprised look on family members faces as they are made whole once again…...

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Hobbit Update: New Trailer, Production Diary and Denny’s Menu

There was a special fan event for The Hobbit in NYC a couple days ago and boy oh boy, do we have some news to share. New 3-Minute Trailer First up, we have a new extended trailer which is doozy. You see more elves, orcs, Smaug talks a bit more, and the romance between Tauriel and Legolas is all but confirmed. New Production Diary 12 It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new production diary from the team but also released on Monday was a brand new production diary that shows off some of the “pickups” performed  over...

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