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When will the Hawks be considered a real threat?

We’re still fresh into the season but once again the Hawks are in the top of the standings. But can they keep this up to extend their playoff hopes?

Last season the Hawks won 60 games, but were never quite considered a threat to make the Finals (affirming that in the season ending sweep to Cleveland). With their best defended, Carroll, taking more money in Toronto, a step back was assumed to be on the horizon.

Last season they ran an offense that was similar to the Spurs, but could be shut down in the playoffs. You could tell during all three series that it wasn’t the same team. That problem still exists but hopefully for them, to a lesser extent.

Adding Splitter in an offseason trade has opened up the second unit even more than a successful 2014 did. He’s a big asset to their overall defense and is one of the leagues more underrated defenders.

Last season he ranked second in the NBA in low-post defense. He’s also great at pick and rolls and while Teague continues good play, third-year German player Dennis Schroder is a difference maker to watch. Splitter is a great passer from the block or elbow, fitting in with the offense and what Millsap and Horford can do perfectly.

Add him to the long list of great role players the Hawks have.


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Schroder leads the second unit and could be a candidate for 6th man of the Year. He will see even more playing time as we get farther through the year, especially now that Atlanta’s focus should be to keep everyone healthy for a spring run.

So are they a better team than last year?

Well, Kent Bazemore is stepping in the starting lineup just fine, average almost 12 points per game and holding his own on the defensive end. And if he’s not enough they have Thabo Shefolosha back and ready to lock down the opposing team’s best player. They will take a step back in the loss column, but likely finish in the top three in the east.

Are they going to be taken seriously when in comes playoff time?

Probably no more than last year. It’s almost the same for any team without a standout star player who can carry a team when nothing else is working.

As for the regular season, they lead the league in assists but aren’t in the top half of defense or rebounding through the first couple of weeks. This is only going to strengthen the case that another playoff flameout is on the way.

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Hawks Try Their Hand at Matchmaking with ‘Swipe Right’ Night

NBA team Atlanta Hawks recently treated fans to a “Swipe Right” Night promotion during their game against the Memphis Grizzlies. For those of you who are not familiar with the phrase, “swipe right” is used on the dating app Tinder. If you see a profile you like, you swipe right for a yes and for anyone you don’t care for, you swipe left for no.

Although it may seem strange, “Swipe Right” Night was a hit and went well for a few of the fans. Here’s how it all went down:

The night started off with roses for the guys.

After that, Tinder users started to “swipe right,” to find a date at the game. Areas were set up throughout Philips Arena for the brave souls to meet one another face to face. The hashtag #SwipeRightNight started trending on Twitter with pictures from users who had hit it off.

At the end of the night, the Hawks won beating the Grizzlies 98-86, and fans who came to the game single left the game un-single.

Sounds like a win-win if you ask me!

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