BREAKING: The Indianapolis Colts suck

The Indianapolis Colts have now gone beyond simply having trouble in pass protection.  They can’t stop the run.  They can’t stop the pass. Andrew Luck is, relative to how good he can be, is struggling. In short, the Indianapolis Colts suck.  The entire AFC South sucks.  The Colts are only 3-4 instead of worse because they’ve had three games against AFC South opponents and won each of them. The Colts aren’t just a bad defensive team (bottom-third in the NFL, mind you) but they’re a pretty poor offensive team (bottom-third, again), worse on the ground (which is particularly bad when you consider...

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God Hated The Jaguars, But Not Anymore: AFC South Preview

About the only thing that’s certain in the AFC South is that the Colts will win it (barring an injury to Andrew Luck). Beyond that? Houston will have a great defense, but they should have had one last year.  The Titans ALWAYS seem to be two years away, and the Jaguars have finally bottomed out and are on the way up. But where to exactly position these teams?  Your guess is as good as mine. The Colts offense was good last year, and it could be great this year.  Andrew Luck is still young, but he’s now in his...

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3 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks You Need to Target

Every fantasy season, many make the mistake of picking up a quarterback with a lot of hype surrounding them, such as RGIII or Johnny Manziel, and ignore the quarterbacks who they should really be taking. Don’t make that mistake this fantasy season. Let’s take a look at the most valuable fantasy quarterbacks for 2014… Peyton Manning – The Denver Broncos Was there ever any doubt that Peyton Manning would be at the top of this list? Last season, the increasingly older quarterback blew away the competition with potentially the best NFL season by a quarterback, ever. Next season, this...

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