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Random thoughts and good quotes from Week 6

Yay! Random thoughts, betting odds, and good quotes from Week 6 of the NFL! The New England Patriots once again knocked off an opponent to remain unbeaten, but don’t buy into the “invincible” argument being thrown around.  Granted, their offense is intimidating.  Brady has been magnificent and Gronk and Edelman are mismatches waiting to happen to opposing defenses. But defensively the Pats have not been great, just average.  And their schedule has not been that hard, especially on the defensive side — the Week 2 win vs. Buffalo which looked so impressive at the time looks considerably less so today....

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The NFL’s Disciplinary Problem Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

It just keeps getting worse. There seems to be no end in sight for the NFL’s seemingly limitless supply of players in trouble with the law, and almost upon hearing the details of the latest culprit, the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, you knew there was no good way for the league to handle it. Peterson has been charged with injuring his four year old son while disciplining him.  The running back’s corporal punishment of choice was to use a switch to administer the beating, while stuffing leaves in the child’s mouth to keep him from making noise. If Adrian Peterson...

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Which QB Can Stay Healthy? NFC North 2014 Preview

Quarterback health is a big issue for the Bears and Packers who are in contention to win this division, while the bottom half both feature teams in a transition phase. The Bears offense was great last year, even after Jay Cutler got hurt, but Chicago needs Cutler healthy to maintain their offense performance this year as backup Josh McCown is gone. On defense, I’m looking for an improved performance (in particular Jared Allen should have a good year as NFC North transplants seem to come up big), although the Bears defense was so bad last season they almost can’t...

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