A football game might revolve around the efforts of an entire team but the removal of even one player can compromise a team’s ability to deliver. It takes the efforts of every single member of a team, all of them coordinating towards achieving a singular goal, for a team to succeed; and when Luke Joeckel was sidelined, it left the Jaguars in a difficult situation, with many NFL betting lines enthusiasts wondering who would take his place.

Now it looks like that question has been answered. Patrick Omameh has been given the opportunity to try his luck at filling Luke’s shoes. The Jaguars couldn’t have made the selection any sooner, what with their game against the Chicago Bears just around the corner.

And they know they can depend on the veteran lineman because of his considerable experience. People probably took note of Patrick playing swing tackle for the Jaguars in the first four games and maybe it wasn’t obvious that he would be selected to take Luke’s place.

Luke went down during the game against the Indianapolis Colts. The Jaguars won the week 4 game despite Luke’s situation. Patrick, on the other hand, held his ground in London, and people would have seen him competently protecting quarterback Blake Bortles down the stretch.

Patrick doesn’t really need to justify his selection. His record speaks for itself. His previous showings proved his ability to step into Luke’s shoes when the call came, though he isn’t downplaying the lucrative nature of this opportunity to prove his worth at the left guard job.

Patrick was also quick to sympathize with Luke’s situation and wished him the best of luck; that didn’t stop him from expressing excitement over the chance to test his mettle with the left guard job.

Bortles commiserated with Luke but also expressed his support for Patrick in the new position. He noted that Patrick did well in London last week; his performance showed what he could really do and, as such, Patrick can take to the field knowing that people like Bortles have all the confidence in him.

Patrick has already gotten down to business, working to ensure he is ready to meet the expectations of his coach and teammates. He still has an extra week that he will, no doubt, use to watch film and seek guidance for the best way to approach his new position.

And Patrick definitely needs the help, primarily because he has been bouncing around a lot; it is essential that he get used to playing guard. Some people might have taken note of Patrick when he was still in Tampa Bay and Chicago, starting 25 games over the previous two seasons.

The bears granted him the opportunity to participate in fourteen games last season. On Sunday, his former team will finally see what they missed out on. It is good for Patrick that he’s excited about the new position rather than being eaten by anxiety.

His versatility has allowed Patrick to occupy a number of positions for the Jaguars and his ability to bounce around is what has made him such a valuable asset for the Jaguars.


Featured image via Jaguars Twitter