It seems rookie Myles Jack of the Jacksonville Jaguars is swapping positions. During training camp as well as in three exhibitions, he worked alone at middle linebacker after which, this week, he seemingly shifted positions to the weaker side of the linebacker to set him up for their game at Atlanta in the last match of the preseason on Thursday. Even as NFL picks monitors such strategic changes in their game, Jack expressed on Tuesday that switching positions makes him more versatile and somehow simplifies his world.

This move clearly indicates that the Jaguars believes that Jack vividly and comprehensively understands the role of a middle linebacker, a position he has been playing behind the experienced Paul Posluszny. He has embraced the change probably as an opportunity of increasing his defensive skills and knowledge with the aim of becoming more versatile as the regular season approaches. However, the Jaguars are stuck with one major challenge: only less than two days remain for Jack to make the ultimate decision about switching positions. According to Posluszny, even though this will turn out to be a fascinating challenge, Jack has the potential to manage it very well.

In a deeper perspective, Jacksonville have a strong belief that Jack will grow and develop his skills to become the future middle linebacker of the franchise. However, it seems this move will draw critic’s opinions across the league because Posluszny played way better in the training camp than projected, especially when it comes to pass coverage; therefore, the team has to seek other prospective strategies of ensuring Jack stays on the field. Some of the options include replacing him with Telvin Smith, who keep on losing his position unnecessarily during play. In the draft, Jack was seen as one of the most talented coverage linebackers, but with a doubtful right knee, he slipped to the second round.

In September 2015, Myles Jack tore a meniscus to rule him out of the remaining fixtures of his junior season immediately. He had to join rehab in the beginning of October in Phoenix. The Jaguars reexamined his knee twice prior to the draft, after which GM Dave Caldwell seemed fully satisfied to trade up two spots to enable him secure the 36th overall pick for him before his fall began. Throughout training camp, Jack seemed to cope very well with his knee and this week we will see his mind being tested. Jack expressed his sentiments saying he has always played in the middle position for many games and now h has to start adapting and comprehend the weak side. He added that even though it seems easy for him, he has to have an open mind for it.

During his college years, one of the most outstanding attribute that Jack possessed was his versatility. Throughout his freshman year, he played as a running back and a linebacker, which makes the Jaguars convinced that he has the potential to create an effective game with his passing and running games. However, for now, he has to execute such ideas from a considerably different position. According to Posluszny, all Jack needs to do is transferring most of his tactics and skills to the new position and play fast with a sober mind.


Featured image via Jaguars Forever