Millions of people have already ditched their cable subscriptions, and many more are thinking about doing so in order to save money.

And not without reason: between Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO Go, and other streaming services, there is no shortage of options when it comes to watching television shows and movies. However, one thing that these services can’t provide is live sports.

And for many, this is the reason to keep paying that old-fashioned cable bill. But fear not, as there are ways to watch sports without a cable subscription. Learn how to stream sports with the six tactics below…

Live Sports without a Cable Contract?

There are a multitude of professional sporting events (even live events) available to stream on your phone, laptop, or tablet. The key is choosing which events you want to watch, and having the right devices to do so. Simply stream your game of choice on your tablet or smartphone, and send it to your TV for the big screen viewing experience.

To connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to your TV, you’ll likely want to invest in a set-top box.

Popular options for streaming from your mobile device to your television include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. These streaming devices make watching television shows, sporting events, and movies on your television quick and easy. Thanks to the latest mobile technology, such as Snapdragon processors, streaming high-definition images is a breeze. In fact, the picture quality should be no different than if you had a cable subscription. So ditch cable and sign up for one (or more) of these instead!


Of all the sports streaming services, MLB.TV may very well be the best. And that is because with the exception of local blackouts, every single game of the MLB season is available. This means you have access to hundreds and hundreds of games. Furthermore, this streaming service is available on a wide variety of devices, making it accessible to nearly everyone.

2. NBA League Pass

If basketball is your game, then NBA League Pass is a slam dunk. What’s particularly appealing about this streaming service is that you can choose to pay for a single game (for just $6.99), a team subscription ($119.99), or a full subscription ($199.99).

The NBA makes it easy for you to tailor League Pass around your needs.

3. NHL Game Center LIVE

For Canucks and Canucks at heart, there’s NHL Game Center LIVE. As with MLB.TV, this streaming service allows you to watch live, out-of-market hockey games from your favorite mobile device.

With a set-top box, you can then easily stream the game to your large-screen television for the complete experience.

4. NASCAR Race Buddy

If you’re more of a gearhead than a team sports person, you may like NASCAR’s Race Buddy streaming service. Not only can you stream races on your PC, smartphone or tablet, live and for free, but you’ll be getting a perspective that those watching on television only get glimpses at. Race Buddy features live, in-car cameras, allowing you to ride along with your favorite driver.

5. MLS Live

If you prefer soccer to football (or should we say football to American football?), then MLS Live is the streaming service for you. As with the other services, blackouts may apply, but a full selection of MLS games are available to stream on your laptop or mobile device. A full season costs just $37.99, making it one of the more affordable options.

6. NFL Game Pass

It’s time for football fans to rejoice! There is finally an option for fans to stream all 256 regular season games on-demand. The brand new NFL Game Pass allows football aficionados to even watch full replays of every game from 2009 to now, including the 2015 NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 50. Pricing hasn’t been released yet but games can be watched on connected TV devices, smartphones, tablets and desktop.


If you’ve even considered dropping your cable plan but you were nervous about missing out on your beloved games, fear not. These six options will allow you to save on your cable bill and never miss a moment of game day.

written By Lana Evans, GuysGirl Contributor

Evans is a freelance writer who enjoys covering entertainment, traveling and lifestyle. She is always looking to conquer new adventures and try new things. Follow her on Twitter to see where the road takes her next.