The 2019/2020 NBA season is in full swing, with the Lakers and the Bucks currently sitting comfortably at the top of their respective conferences. While catching the games on TV is better than not watching them at all, nothing beats sitting in the stands alongside the court to see the likes of LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and James Harden in action. Although jetting across the country can be great fun, taking a road trip with friends to see your favorite NBA teams in action could very well turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime. Right now, you are just in time to start planning a road trip to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game that takes place on 16 February at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.  Even if that is a bit too short notice for your liking you can still start planning a trip to one or multiple NBA games this year.  Here are a few tips to ensure that your 2020 NBA road trip is as stress-free and enjoyable as can be.

Make sure your car is up to the job

Whether you’re planning to travel to the east or west coast or foresee yourself hovering somewhere along the middle of the country, you will need to make sure you have the right car for the trip. Traveling long distances in a too-small car will undoubtedly be a nightmare, as will getting stranded by the side of the road due to engine problems. If you don’t already own a road trip-worthy car, plan to take frequent trips, and have the budget for it, consider buying a suitable car that will keep you safe on the road and make your trips more comfortable and enjoyable. Regardless of whether you will be using your existing vehicle for the trip or hire or buy a new one, it is essential to have it serviced prior to your departure to make sure your windows, tires and everything in between is in good working order.

Pack some NBA-worthy snacks for the road

Spending long periods of time on the road can be surprisingly tiring, which is why it’s important to carry a decent selection of snacks with you. As tempting as it may be to just grab a couple of burgers and sodas along the way, you need to fuel your body and mind with proper food. If the thought of soggy egg sandwiches and lukewarm bottled water is almost enough to see you abandon your dreams of seeing the Lakers take on the Celtics, you’re not alone. Luckily, there is a big selection of tasty treats to choose from that will not only satisfy your hunger but replenish your energy levels as well. Crackers, pretzels, and trail mix are always good choices, as are freshly-baked muffins, beef jerky, and a selection of mini sliders. Also, remember to fill your cooler box with a range of drinks to keep you well-hydrated throughout your journey.

Don’t disappoint with your playlist

No NBA road trip is complete without a cool playlist to get you even more in the mood for your adventure. When creating your playlist, consider your tastes as well as the landscape you are driving through and the final destination. Although what you include on your playlist is entirely up to you and your travel companions, there are a number of NBA-related songs such as “Michael Jordan” by Kendrick Lamar (featuring SchoolBoy Q) and “Space Jam” by Quad City DJ’s that definitely deserve to be included. Ensure that you create your playlist for the road trip ahead of time, and set it up to play prior to your departure so that you do not have to fiddle with your music player while driving.

An NBA road trip is an absolute must-do for any avid NBA fan. Whether you take a cross-country road trip to see your favorite teams in action or simply travel to the next town, you are bound to make enough wonderful memories to last you a lifetime.