The battle of the sexes is as old as time and with the rise in gambling, there are highly publicized stereotypes when it comes to whether men and women are better or equal in a variety of pursuits, in particular in gambling. Whether it comes to playing roulette, winning on the slots, or winning big poker tournaments, there is a range of stereotypes about who is better at gambling. However, studies have begun to show that women are edging the stereotypes to be better at gambling than men.

There’s been many a study on whether men and women play different casino games, and the main stereotype of gambling is that it is generally a male pursuit, despite the fact that more women than ever are entering gambling casinos. It is also believed that women don’t play table games as often as men, leading to them not being able to manage their bankrolls as efficiently making them worse at gambling, but modern times suggest that this is no longer the case.

In fact, a Harvard gambling study that involved 40,499 subjects of men and women that had a predetermined bankroll to wager on various casino games in order to determine who exhibited more effective sports gambling behavior. When it came to sports betting, the results suggest that women were more aggressive than men when it came to high stakes betting and achieved 15% more of their bankroll. The women in this study also earned 15% more money than the men, dispelling most of the commonly held gambling stereotypes.

A study by the University of Ohio that involved over 100 men and women also showed that there was a clear distinction between genders when it came to making gambling decisions under stress – with women coming out on top. Although the study showed that men weren’t necessarily more stressed, they tended to make more high-risk, high-reward decisions, while women chose less risky options when under a time limit.

With being more aggressive when calm, and coping better with stress while choosing the less risky options, it seems that the stereotype of gambling being a men’s game is slowly turning on its head. However, with men seeming to gamble more frequently than women and with women significantly less likely than men to gamble on skill based forms of gambling such as card games and wagering, whether men are reported to be better than women at these type of strategic card games is yet to be discovered.

Studies suggest that women are more likely to gamble on lotteries, raffles and electronic gaming machines. Slot machines appear to be focused more towards women, with many online sites focusing on just women and slot games so these statistics of women being better than men could potentially be coming from the fact that more women win at slot games, simply because more of them play them.

However,  with reports suggesting that women generally making less risky decisions in day to day life, it is no surprise that they are reported to make less risky decisions when it comes to gambling, making them better than men at regulating and managing their bankroll. Stereotypes will continue about the differences between men and women when it comes to gambling, but it looks as though women are beginning to close the gap and prove to be better than men.