Celebrities are always in the limelight. We see their faces in magazines, on the news, on advertisements, and just about everywhere we look.

The truth is that high profile celebs may not even realize the influence they have on society. We can’t deny it. We closely scrutinize what entertainers wear, where they live, and how they decorate their homes. For instance, we might see the new barn door handles on their sliding barn door and want the same for our home. 

We look up to celebrities, and they have a lot of influence over what we wear and how we live. We all want to wear their clothes, have million-dollar homes, and live their lifestyle. So if we can’t afford to live the rich and famous life, we can certainly imitate their style. We might see something we want even in a Disney movie and try to get it or copy it the best we can. 

What’s Up With That?

It’s not clear why celebrities have such a massive influence on fashion trends and our homes’ style. It might be their daring attitude, the attention they get, or simply because we want to imitate them and feel our lives comparable to theirs.

Why Do Celebrities Influence Both Fashion and Decor?

The best way to explain this is to refer to something Tim Gunn once said, “If it weren’t for the fashion industry, I’d be in the interior industry. Both industries are interconnected.” To put it plainly, we can say that fashion and decor are about having that luxurious lifestyle. Or maybe it is because both industries are creative outlets for thought and design. Let’s face it, every entertainer has a creative spirit.

It Is About Looking Good

Let’s face it. The biggest thing we have in common with high profile celebs is that we want to look good, and we also want our home to look fabulous too. We may not have the same financial well-being as the rich and famous, but we all want to have the same type of admiration.

They Are Advocates of Society

Being rich and famous is no longer about the money. It is about being a representative of our society. Celebrities are the trendsetters, and we want to live the life they do, which is why companies use entertainers to promote products, trends, and opinions.

What Is Fashion?

Fashion is wearing what society believes is chic or popular. Because celebrities are always in the limelight and we can see what they are wearing, it is easy to see why their style influences us. We spend time analyzing and criticizing a look, trying to decide if it is a style we want for ourselves.

The Role of the Media

Magazines, social media, and video advertising also play a massive role in allowing entertainers to influence the styles we choose. Whether we are going to work, out on a date, or staying home and relaxing, the reach of the media grasps our visual appeal. Eventually, we all begin to see the Rihanna dress alike or the bad-ass Jidenna look all over the place. Magazines, YouTube, and Instagram create fashion and decor advertisements to influence teens, young professionals, and millennials.

Movies and Videos

The settings, the homes, the outdoor areas, the fashion used in movies and music videos can change the way we see fashion and decor. People in these videos are always dressed fabulously. Everything goes together. They have their unique style and all of this visual influence affects the way we see trends.

TV Shows Dedicated to Fashion and Decor

Flip through your local cable TV channels, and you’ll find many shows exclusively dedicated to fashion and decor. Project Runway, Fashion Police, and HGTV are just a few. These shows promote unique fashion looks or decor trends.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is a crazy place when it comes to trendsetters. It is the place where anyone can stalk their favorite celebrity, see what they are doing, check out the latest fashion trends, see how they decorate their home, and what activities they do.

Social media is a great way to keep up with the latest fashion. It’s here where we can see celebrities like Kanye West, the famous rapper, invent new fashion trends like that of wearing brightly colored glasses without lenses, but instead replaced by plastic blinds.

Truth is…

Celebrities may not realize how much they influence society, but their power to change style is enormous. We still don’t have a concrete reason as to why we do this. It may be their risky attitude, their ability to combine unthinkable colors, or merely the need to get attention. The fact is that high-profile celebs and entertainers are role models when it comes to creative trends.