Picking the perfect outfit for any date is hard, but choosing the perfect look for a date to sports event can feel impossible. We’ve all been there — the dilemma of what to wear to a sports event date — it’s a real hard one.

The first thing to realize is that if it’s a date with your long-term boyfriend, there is no need to stress over what you wear. He loves you, and will think you look hot in whatever outfit you choose.

However, if the date is a first date with someone new, then it’s important you pick the perfect outfit. The key to game day fashion success is working out a way to look good without looking overly dressed up.

To help you achieve the perfect sports event look, here are a few handy tips:

Be inspired by your team

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a game, why not use your favorite team to inspire your look?

While finding a way to make your outfit match that of your team colors is a great idea, don’t opt for a jersey as they’re rarely flattering.

Keep it casual

Yes, you want to impress your date with how sexy you look. However, what you don’t want to do is dress up too much and look far too overdressed for the game. Getting date night fashion for a sporting event right is tricky, but it is doable, so don’t panic.

If you’re the kind of girl who loves wearing dresses, opt for a casual dress design. Anything any longer than knee length is too long for a game, so make sure that you bare that in mind. The best type of dress for a sporting event is a skater style dress – fun, stylish and casual.

A pair of stylish skinnies paired with a cute t-shirt or checked shirt and ballet pumps is an ideal outfit. As you want to look stylish, not frumpy, avoid wearing a hooded top, instead opt for a cardigan or casual blazer.

Don’t go crazy with accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories for your big date, don’t go crazy. When it comes to picking accessories for sporting events, less is always more.

Ideally, you want to wear no more than three pieces of jewelry – a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. A watch is also ideal as it acts as an extra accessory. If you haven’t got a watch, take a look at Shinola’s watches, there are lots of lovely designs to choose from.

Be casual with your hairstyle

For a date to a football game or other sporting event, don’t spend hours doing your hair. It’s best to leave your hair down or opt for a simple style, such as a bun or half up/down.

When you choose how to do your hair, take the type of venue you’re attending into account. If you’re going to an outdoor venue and you suffer from frizzy hair, ensure that you wear it up. Otherwise, your hair may end up out of control.

It can be tricky choosing an outfit for a date to a sports event, but there is no need to panic. To choose the perfect outfit all you need to do is think casual, keep the accessories low-key and ensure that you stick to flats, not heels.


Featured image via We Heart It