Each and every year the Super Bowl is one of the biggest and most popular sporting events in the world. It is broadcast to not only all of North America but to several other countries around the globe as well. Tickets to the game are hard to get, so most of you will either go to a party to watch the event or simply take in the game at home. The Super Bowl needs to be treated as the big game it is, so there are a few things you need to do to liven things up. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of watching the Super Bowl at home.

Buy Some Noise Makers

Just because you will not be surrounded by thousands of people at home when you are watching the game does not mean that there should not be some noise to get into the spirit of things. So get the noisemakers out and get ready to have some fun with them when your favorite team scores. There is nothing like a good cowbell ringing to celebrate a touchdown by your team or for waking up your sleeping spouse who has absolutely no interest in watching the game. Anything you can use to make noise on New Year’s Eve will work just fine for making noise during the Super Bowl too.

Decorate the House

To enjoy the Super Bowl at home it is always a good idea to decorate to set the mood. It’s not just any game, so be sure to treat it as the grand sporting event that it is and put up some posters and streamers around the house. If you know someone that works at a supermarket, they may even be able to get you some of those stand up figurines of your favorite players.

Buy a New Big Screen TV

There is no better excuse to get a new big screen TV than when its Super Bowl time. You can enjoy the game even more as you sit back and watch the players run around the screen looking larger than life. Just make sure you get to the Electronics store early because lots of other people have the same idea and TVs tend to sell out fast around Super Bowl time.

Dress the Part

Don’t just say what team you are going to be rooting for, show it too with some team apparel. Whether you are the lady of the house or the man who has everything, you will still be able to find something online that shows who your favorite team is and looks good on you too. While you are at it, don’t forget to buy some of those silly oversize hats and maybe a giant foam hand or two that shows the “your team is number one” sign. Who knows, if you and your significant other do not enjoy the halftime show, maybe you can buy some NFL intimate apparel and make your own entertainment.

Ice the Beer

No Super Bowl game would be complete without a generous supply of beer in a cooler full of ice. This is essential to the atmosphere of the big game even if you don’t drink, so if you don’t want a cold beer put some in a cooler anyway as a symbolic gesture of the proper game time atmosphere. If you do drink then the beer will be super cold when you are ready for one.

Get the Barbeque Going

Of course, you can’t have a party without some burgers and hot dogs to go along with the cold beer. It’s an American tradition which has survived for many years. Don’t be afraid to throw a few expensive juicy steaks on the grill too; just make sure you fill up the kids with the hot dogs and hamburgers so they are too stuffed to eat any more when the steaks are done.

Put Out the Snacks

Watching the Super Bowl without snacks and finger foods is like going to a movie and not having a seat to sit in, it just doesn’t feel right. It all starts with a big plate full of crackers, assorted cheeses and some fancy meats. A plate of pizza was never a bad idea for watching any Super Bowl either. Make sure to top off the snack selection with several bowls of chips too.

Anyone can just sit in their living room or family room and simply watch the Super Bowl but why do that when you can use some of the above suggestions and make it a real fun event for everyone.