With the rise of mobile phone use, online gambling has seen a sharp increase in user adoption. And as more and more online casinos begin to emerge, it’s becoming tough to figure out which sites you should spend your time.

Lucky for UK users, there are now options like this ranking of top casino sites so you can figure out which sites to put your time and money into.

With a variety of comparison tools you can see which online casinos have payout reports, antivirus protection, if they’re a socially responsible operator and  if they’ve received any Seal Awards and Accolades. Each of the top sites are then given a score so you can quickly and easily see which sites you should try out.

After you figure out which casino you’d like to try, you can then figure out which game you’d like to play based on a similar scoring method. Because online casinos offer so many more games than a traditional brick and mortar casino, it can be challenging to weed through all of the games. But because you can see scores for each game, it turns a difficult task into an easy one.

With rankings and games, you can also see what kind of software each of the top online casino sites use as well as what kind of software they use, if they have live or mobile casinos as well as bonus opportunities, various promotions and payout methods.

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